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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Airplant Blooms - Tillandsia Ionantha sp.

Just within these 2 weeks of purchase these airplants starts to show its buds. Most of them have this red hue shades at the centre before the blue/violet buds in formation.

As you can see I snap these pictures placing this on my bike seat. Giving an overview of the size of this clump. I bought 2 hangers (10 clumps in a driftwood) and from these 2 hangers - 5 of them are blooming.

Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure.
I'm certain that the shop keeper would have hiked the price seeing them in blooming stage.

I'm still new at this, taking care of airplants as they are not native plants in my region.

Would greatly appreciate some tips and ideas in taking care of them. I do know some general idea of care as I have successfully handled few of them for a year or so. Basically the best part of having Spanish Moss was a good teacher to learn from before handling more exotic and challenging one as these (or in my case - I would rather start with simpler and easier ones first before attempting the more exotic and expensive ones)

What I would like to know is:

1) Should I remove the parent plants & pups & set it into a new driftwood?

Once the flowers bloomed and spend. I'm pretty sure the pups will start forming.
Should I remove the parent plants & pups & set it into a new driftwood or leave them be.
My concern is that this particular driftwood - there are 10 plants in a clump. They are indeed tightly arranged with each other where there are no driftwood space for them to attach upon and grow.

One suggested that I don't disturb anything as the speed of the growth of the pup depends on the stability of the parent plant. (which is quite true - I had experienced that with my Earth Star Bromeliad - removing a pup too soon had retarded the growth of the pup and its been small like a dwarf ever since.)

Do let me know - anyone who have great skill in this on what should I do?
1) Leave them be or
2) Relocate them

As when to relocate them:
a) Soonest
b) After the blooming had spend
c) When the pups start forming - together with the parent plant?
d) Relocate the dormant plants - leaving the flowering ones on the existing driftwood?

Yeah.. lots of options and possibilities...

Hope to hear from your experience soon.


  1. Wonderful display of colours!! These airplants look really stunning. Excellent job :-D

    1. Hoping that you would venture into airplants too.


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