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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beautiful Wild Flowers

I just want to show all the nice wildflowers that I have come across along the streetsides. I really can't remember nor have I come across their names - I doubt they are considered common. Chances are they might be houseplant escaped and may considered invasive.

Regardless, they still look beautiful to me. The last pictures are of a caladium species which I have been eyeing for weeks, found them growing in the midst of weeds near where I took these pictures. - waiting for it to grow up. I had managed to adopt them in my garden, rescuing them for better care.

So, do take a walk along the streetside where weeds and grass grow without care. You might just find something very interesting that you just want to take them in your garden. And of course do take scissors, few bags and small containers if you intend to collect seeds.


  1. Oh wow James, that caladium is nice! Glad you found it. They do better in individual pot. In combo they tend to be smaller in size in my case. Once I saw a home with many caladiums in different colours. They look really pretty.

    Btw, many thanks for your very detailed advice on rose. I did dug up the plant to check the roots and repotted. But I guess, I need to be more careful in my process next time. You were right about the leaves - they can really tell you whether the plant is doing find or not. About the clogging, I really learnt a big lesson about this kind of problem after one rose died. I didn't realise water was clogging in the pot till the plant rotted!

    Have another wonderful day of discovering plants ;-D

  2. James: You seem always find places to have beauty hidden for you to discover! Very beautiful "wild" flowers, AND I love that caladium! I bought 24 caladium bulbs this year, have not decided when and where to plant them yet.

  3. James, I am always eyeing the weeds on my journeys as well! And a caladium growing with the weeds! Awesome! Caladiums are the backbone of my Florida garden. Love 'em! Ours spend the winter in dormancy here, but are quickly break through right now.

  4. These wildflowers are so pretty. I used to pull them out and treat them as weeds. Now I know how to appreciate their beauty.

  5. I love finding so called weeds in bloom. Do you happen to know what the plant in the picture above the caladiums is? It looks like its in the cassia family!
    By the way, I tried to do some research on that comment you made about cacti and calcium and couldn't find anything. Is there any chance you could tell me where you found that info so I could check it out?

  6. Hi James~~ The blue flower looks like an Ageratum. I love the Caladium too.

  7. Great post! Usually, it's my kids who find the prettiest wildflowers - guess they're closer to the ground and look in more unusual places.

  8. The wildflowers are just beautiful. I am so glad you rescued the caladium. I imagine it looks wonderful in your garden.

  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely comment.
    Rainforest gardener - I will check & let you know the details.


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