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Friday, April 2, 2010

Copper Pod Tree - Peltophorum pterocarpum

I'm surprised for something so common as this, planted along many street side is very much taken for granted.

Well you can ask anybody who walks everyday by these streets and you will find that none of them would know what it the name of this tree. You see to the common people the textbooks that prints about flowers & trees are very much focused on the uniform of matters - one can easily identify a hibiscus, a bougainvillea, rose or even an orchid.
But the common ones even those that grow along the street sides - its just another tree.

I for one have no idea what was its name. You will never find it in any school textbook. Nurseries do not sell or propagate this tree nor would you ever find this one growing in any private or personal garden. (of course, you can find it in parks & playgrounds)

All you know, someone would be grumbling while sweeping all the fallen yellow flowers littered along the streets and common walkways.
And if you do ask them - they might just point it to you and say,
"That yellow tree - who cares what name it is - I'm still sweeping this everyday..."

Then there is a season when the tree shed all the leaves and you would see those flat seedpod erected by the branches. Strange as it may seem - they do not easily propagate. In fact, I have not seen any of the seeds germinate and had grown their saplings anywhere.

I have got the chance to get upclose & personal with this tree. Very often the flowers bloom at the very top branch and one can forget about getting any close shots. (unless you got a very good camera) These are new branches growing from the bottom of the tree trunk.
You can also notice that there are few caterpillars feasting on the flowers - and the best part, they have almost the same colour for camouflage.

You would notice the metal fence around this perimeter, its the same place where I have taken the ixora from. I guess this tree is also is going to say its farewell soon - just like the tamarind tree. Perhaps her last flowers days. I was thinking of taking all these flower spikes cuttings and arrange them in my house for Easter.


Stephanie said...

Hi James, this green fern with yellow flowers look pretty. Is it sappanwood?

Your last picture of the foliage is wonderful. I hope the plant is not going to die soon. I hope the current rain will help the plant.

Have a really good, Good Friday and be sure you get rid of that furry thingie before you put the in a vase ok :-D I am going to have dinner with my friends soon.

Chloe m said...

The creepy crawly blends right in! The flowers are a lovely yellow,... gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Autumn Belle said...

I do agree with you. I too notice that city hall had planted many flowering trees that are hardy and grow well under our climate. Nobody seems to know or even bother about the names. It is often very frustrating. I'm sure there is a local lovely Malay name for it too.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Wow, what a great plant. And that picture with the yellow flower and your hand is very cool. Great contrast.

Barry Parker said...

You have a good eye James. Keep looking out for the unexpected.

James David said...

Stephanie - its interesting to note that this one looks very similar to sappanwood but I guess they are different.

Ami - yes, do google and find out the details.

Thanks Rosey, Barry, Belle & Girl Gardener for your lovely comments.

Anonymous said...

Wompoo fruit dove.
Cape York QLD ..
I love your photo's of Peltophorum pterocarpum .Ihave 2 trees growing on my rainforest block,they are common here. I live on 3 acres of tropical rainforest .I just came across you blog and will look back on other photo's you have posted ..I see by your palm you have a very long life line.

Walt said...

You have truly been blessed with the knowledge and art of taking care of and growing plants and trees this looks beautiful.

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