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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hot, the Loud & the Proud

It was morning,
somehow it was one of the days after a very time where I actually get to sleep a little late. Rarely do I get this kind of opportunity to sleep without rushing myself every morning.
(no sending my wife to work, no marketing, no weekend course to attend - just pure bliss)

Earlier, there was a slight drizzle - sort of a motion where the sun had also snugged between the clouds..

Thought of breakfast..
hmm.. coffee...
(wondered if my wife had already boiled water but yes I got a list of chores to do)

Then, I heard shouting outside my garden...
pretended not hear and I just tossed to the other side of the bed burying my head with a pillow.
Wished I had more time to roll & toss over, its still 8am.

Nope, I still can hear the noise,
"OK, Whats the commotion all about?"

I saw two sisters more like having a LOUD heated arguments, surprised me I blurted,
"Oh! Its you, finally you came -after all these years!!!"
"Cream is your theme I see?"

They seemed to see me in shock - silent.

Adjusting to awkwardness - still rubbing my eyes (Am I dreaming)
"So, you brought some HOT visitors with you?"
"Well, Aren't you going to introduce them?"

"Or you all playing PROUD with me - Eh??"
"OK, Im having my coffee first"

Thought of something, hot, loud & proud in my garden.
Thanks to Noel from A Plant Fanatic in Hawaii who invited me to write this meme.
Do check the link here for more of this meme from other gardeners.
Well of course - the ( last pic.) bougainvillea carried the trophy but because she is too proud, she never actually bloomed in my garden - somehow that one got all 3 very well fitting for the title..


Floridagirl said...

Beautiful flowers! I love the story of the cream sisters to go along with it. I agree with Aaron that I've never seen a bougainvillea with that kind of form...big ball-shaped clusters. It is very beautiful!

Rosie leavesnbloom Scotland said...

wow just wait till Noelle sees that bougainvillea - I've never seen a double form before. There's so many bracts I can't see the little white flowers at all. Beautiful flowers James

Noelle Johnson said...

Your flowers are just bright and beautiful. And Rosie, I DO love the double Bougainvillea!

Chandramouli S said...

Aahhh! The rain lilies! I had three colors in my garden but I had to send them out of my garden space as they weren't of interest in pots - they look good in clumps. I still am thinking if I should let the moss rose stay - it's a sweetie like yours. Ahh! The bougainvillea certainly looks gorgeous and deserves the trophy.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi James, great post with many dear tropicals, famous and not so famous, but the hot pink Bougainvillea really takes the trophy for this post. So I must say I do love the softer colours also. It is the middle of the week, not far from the next weekend, I hope you can sleep in then!

Ami said...

James: I never saw that double bougainvillea before, really hot color and unique! Great show for this MEME. I also love your double moss rose! I love anything bloom in double layer form :)

Stephanie said...

Rain lilies never fail to surprise :-D Love to their blooms.

I like your pink bougainvillea - the flowers look so wonderful and healthy. Cool!

Have a great day James!

Autumn Belle said...

Rain lilies are always a wonderful surprise, especially when they bloom after a rain and thunderstorm. They give cheer after the gloom. Yours are cream yellow. I have white and pink. Its not easy to find yellow ones.

The double petal bougainvillea is gorgeous. This is not easy to find too.

The red Jatrophas are so sweet and so are the pretty spathoglottis. All are champions!

Noel Morata said...

aloha james,

what a wonderful show you ,have going on today, i love everything you have on display especially your double variegated portaluca, those are amazing little flowers!

also love the double bougeys, they are show stoppers...can't wait to see everyone's interpretation...i'm sorry its coming up at the end of this month :) i'll link your post to my linky this friday.

Anonymous said...

Wow James, Really nice flowers. Isn't it nice to have such beauty just outside the door? Have a great week.

Noel Morata said...

aloha james,

the linky is up on the site so you can connect your post to the hot meme...thanks again for participating for our tropical get together :)

Wendy said...

funny story! For a brief moment, I thought I'd stumbled upon a different kind of website!

Steve Asbell said...

Cute post and great photos of the ground orchids too!

James David said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.
The Bougainvillea were actually the older generation of flowers - way before the newer, hardly and ever-blooming types where introduced.

These were common during the old days.

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