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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Holy Basil - Ocimum tenuiflorum

This is the very famous "Tulasi" plant. Its a must in most Indian gardens here. In fact, one will know that its an Indian family residing there by noting this plant placed prominently either as a place of worship altar or just as a garden plant.

This Holy Basil have many herbal benefit, I often use this herb together with Indian Borage for flu, cold & coughs. The leaves are picked and pounded and the juice taken orally. The results can be seen immediately especially for children.

With the H1Ni flu virus going around its best to take this herb everyday to keep the immune system strong. The moment any of the family members sneeze or coughs, this is this herb juice comes to the rescue.

The potted plants are the ones growing my house, I do not have any flowers yet and its a bit difficult to tell what it is until one recognises the flower. And so, I manage to take some pictures from the wild. (abandon area) for reference.

My Tulasi is getting lesser and lesser due to many herbal juice making. And these (wild) are my best quick supply. My neighbours too have grown them but that's another thing, I doubt they are very much interested in making herbal juice and drinking them.

I had found that's a strange thing:
(To keep a herb plant but never to use them- I guess it a have it thing but don't use it thing)

Other Tulasi uses & remedy:

Tulasi is known as the elixir of life as it promotes longevity.

1) I had found that there is this Tulasi toothpaste & soap sold in some stores. Good for skin disorder and mouth ulcer & infection. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

2) Good for flu, cough, cold, fever, respiratory ailments. Often taken together with ginger, clove, honey.

3) It is also known as an anti-stress agent. Purifying the blood & reduces blood cholesterol & blood sugar levels.

4) It has mosquito repellent properties.

I guess there are many more benefits of this Holy Basil Plant. The important thing is to plant them and use them as herb. Or at least crush & rub the leaves to use as mosquito repellent.


  1. My friend gave me a small pot of tulsi and its the first time I read about it. Great to know that it has so many medicinal benefits.

  2. J.C. - Yes, Im sure you love the fragrance, its been researched and found that Tulasi plant gives out O2 in the night whereas other plants gives out CO2. That must be something.

  3. Wonderful article on holy bazil.

    I found this website useful for Herb Gardening tips http://www.herbgardeningtoday.com. I think you guys will find it interesting too.

    John - Herb garden plants

  4. Thanks John for the info. Will check it out later.

  5. Hi James
    Just discovered your blog. I wrote a couple of blogs abt the tulasi on my blog, quite a detailed one. Its totally my favourite basil, I have the Rama tulasi (purple and green )and the green Vana tulasi.

  6. cina fong - Thanks, you seemed to know more about Tulasi. Will check out the details from your blog too.

  7. Where can I get the seed or plants in USA


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