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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cane Begonia

I got this one from my mum.
I guess this one is also known as Angel Wing Begonia from the Cane Begonia family. The only thing is this one do not have green leaf and brown back or spots, just burgundy. I'm not sure of the exact species name - checking thru the internet and I found so many types and names, I can't really be sure which one is this.

So far taking care of it is fairly easy. You can ignore it and they can do well unlike other sensitive plants. I just paid attention to it these few days ( I think the duration of ignorance was about few month old - it came together with ixora and night blooming jasmine)

I had tied it up in a stick, earlier they were all growing horizontally (or leggy) but once tied up, it look neat and nice. I'm not ambitious about the flowers, I guess this type do not have grand showy flowers and I'm well satisfied with its leaves but if does flowers and do grandly produce those showy florets, then I would considered that a bonus. (probably a fertiliser might just do that job)

Other information:

One of the easiest begonia to take care - I agree with that, Wax begonia and Rex are quite challenging compared to this one. (infact, my Rex begonia deteriorated and died)

Propagation is very easy - cut below the node and stick it in the soil, they seemed to do very well.

This one is a shade dweller, I had placed this in the sun but it got burned spots and the leaves turned red but when placed in shade it changed to darker and glossy.


  1. I enjoyed looking at your plants this morning. I have some angel wing begonias that look similar to yours. I'm glad I got reminded I was going to try to get some cuttings from my coleus to keep inside over the winter.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  2. I have found my cane begonia (Little Darling) to be one of the best plants in my office. It started out with deep, dark green angel-wing leaves--now, they're darkish green on the top, red on the bottom, and they have silver spots. Even if you knew what type of begonia you had, if you change its environment, it will change its appearance. There is not, according to the woman I bought the begonia from, a list of all the varieties anyway, because there are so many and they change so readily.

    But yours looks very nice with its support! I might take a cutting from mine and see if it does well outside next year.

  3. Sorry, it was Puffy Cloud, not Little Darling--Little Darling died a horrible death (it was a rex).

  4. Sue, thanks for your thoughts and you are most welcome.

    Kenneth, Didn't know begonia can grow inside the office (do you have sunlight? or only flourescent light?) I wonder who managed to get a rex happily growing without trouble. Most gardeners mentioned that rex are difficult.
    Thanks for your comment on the variety, I guess its true - they change colours and difficult to determined their names but who cares - what's important is they thrive and do well. Right?


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