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Friday, July 3, 2009

Wishbone Flower - (Torenia fournieri)

One of my favourites, known as wishbone flower or bluewings flower. They can flower in shady to semi shade areas. They often do well with another companion plants bunched and planted together. Bluewings don't last very long, about 1 - 3 months and they turn ugly and leggy and the colours starts to fade when they get matured. (non hardy plant)

Need to watch out for mealy bugs as ants may bring on them for farming. This often happens when the plant is too matured and dries up.

Need constant watering as they do not tolerate lack of water. (not drought resistant)
There will be signs of wilting and drying up. If not watered immediately, the whole plant will die.

Allow seed heads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds from the seedpods (its very fine dust like seeds) They can also be planted from cuttings but its more difficult and the chances of survival is low.

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  1. Since my dad does not know the name of these plants, he refers to them as "automatic flowers" to our maid causing her to burst out laughing. Once you have them established in the garden, they will sprout spontaneously even in the most unlikely of places.


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