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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mum's Garden update

I helped my mum arrange her garden last saturday. It was a hectic work (carrying pots and repositioning everything) Well, it was a lovely day to do some gardening.
These are some of the pictures of flowers that was blooming that day...

Wishbone flowers

Two types of balsam flower plant.
Gomphrena globosa (Bachelor’s Buttons, Globe Amaranth)
A big version of the "Moss Rose"

The Night Blooming Jasmine is so gloriously blooming with pleasant fragrance in my mum place in very season.
A lovely white and pink bougainvillea. My mum's fav.

I got my Egyptian Star Clusters from my mum. She seemed to me my constant stock keeper of must of my plants. Surprisingly, when I pass my plants to her, they don't do so well - especially WaxBegonia, Velvet Begonia & Spanish Moss.

Finally the Marigold and very much covetted Bleeding Heart Vine.


  1. Love the plants in your mom's garden! The Hydrangea blooms is glorious! Night Blooming Jasmine ~ I wonder what is smells like! I love fragrant plants!

  2. I often go to my mum's house and get these bunches of flowers and place them in my bedroom. The fragrance is so calming that it really aids me to have a good night sleep.

    The fragrance is strong yet not overpowering.
    Somehow, this plant need good sunlight, something which I do not have - and so this plant slowly died in my garden without much blooming.


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