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Friday, July 10, 2009

Garden Update - July 2nd week

Took these pictures this morning, wanted to update my garden details by this weekend.
(The picture is not so clear as the sun have not rise yet in my place)
This is my planter box which I had planted the plants a week or two ago. Now, they are doing do just fine.
Plants inside here:
1) Various types of coleus
2) Balsam - Impatiens Balsamina
3) Peperomia
4) Wax begonia - doing fine so far.
Also a few other plants which is not so noticeable.

This bogainvillea had 2 different shoots, one is a white coloured leaf and the other had a rosy shady. It rained two days ago continuously and I managed to use the rain water which I collected them using a bucket and watered them last night. It still wet from yesterday's watering.

I had repositioned the creeping fig again the wall together with the maiden hair fern. They look lovely in this colour scheme (white and greens) I guess they look the same as all the photo taken from the last time.
Well, I still love the new shoots from the ferns, look so lushly.

I had planted seeds and kept them for a week in the dark. These are Thai Basil & Black Chili sprouts. I had placed them out yesterday morning and they now look green (earlier was yellow)
No.1 from the Left - chili seeds, don't seemed to be sprouting at all
No.2 - Thai Basil, they are the first to sprout
No. 3 - Few black chill started to sprout
No.4 - Few Thai Basil started to sprout.

Finally I managed to put all the pots outside the house, I guess that is the best place to place them to get the maximum sunlight (I think its about few hours in the morning) I kept this few pots at the fence side hanging (still not sure whether to leave it there or relocate)
1) Bird Nest Fern - I got a smaller type, the bigger one is doing fine with the flame violets.
2) Flame Violets - green leaf type. I got a good collection of it, but it died due to too much rain and wet soil and manage to safe some and now jealously guarding it and hoping they thrive again.
3) Swan plant or Balloon plant - planted it from seeds.

The Swan plant and the Allamanda plant are growing together, their foliage look exactly the same but they are two different plants. I'm awaiting for them to bloom, I guess it would within another few weeks to months. Hopefully it blooms soon.

This is the final work, where all the herbs and all are outside the house by the gate. My only desire is to see them thrive and bloom. (so far, all of them are doing fine)

Closer look at this plants:
Top from left ( Jasmine Sambac, Orange Jasmine, Roses, Black Famingo, Ground Orchid)
Bottom from left (Indian Borage, Curry Leaf, Rue, Madagscar Periwinkle, Egyptian Star Cluster, Jewel of Opal, Holy Basil)
Last row from left (Water Jasmine, Moss Rose, Pellionia)

The orange jasmine and just put out the flower buds, just waiting for the blooms....

Jasmine plant - not yet bloomed.

Indian borage - The look so much better now when placed in the sun
(earlier they look very leggy and the leaves spaced out)

Also my rue earlier turning yellow, now they look so much better.

Few of my Egyptian Star Clutters had bloomed.

I'm still waiting for my ground orchid to bloom, hope this works.

My curry leaves finally put out some new shoots.

I'm lacking pots and planted the black flamingo together with the roses. The roses (4 plants) in a pot are slowly recovering from the earlier transfer. I have yet to put the fertiliser, guess I will do that tomorrow.

Not so clear: Jewel of opal and Day lily bulbs. (with roses branching around)

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