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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flame Violets

I was very happy at the development of these flame violets until the rain season began and killed all of my flame violet species. I was too late to collect and keep these specimen except for the green & the stripped one, which I manage to plant just one parent plant and so far, its just surviving.

If you notice the one without any stripes had already extinct from my garden. (sob..sob..)

This particular flame violet was an experiment which I had done. I had only placed a cluster of the flame violet together with the runner. It is actually just one plant growing from a branch from the bottom of a hanging pot (top is a fern plant.) Now, it had created a grape like clutter with flower & leaves and all and doing very well so far.

My green leaved flame violet is now recuperating from the earlier onslaught from the rain season. They don't like wet feet and so all those which was growing from the surface started to rot and die. I was too late to rescue them.
Finally the green flame violet gave out flowers, I know now that it had passed the critical stage.
Yet, its a smallest plant compared to my other flame violet.
Wished I have many different types of flame violets in my collection. I'm sure that would certainly make an impact in coloured foliage.


  1. I like your garden so much and I used to review to see and read your chronicles for learning and find the name of plants or flowers which I don't know in English. Could you please help me, this time I can not touch the chronicle of the day 2009_04_01 to see a plant with the leaves like the wings of butterfly with purple colors and flowers are light purple with 5 petals.They are very special, if you can tell me the name and send me the picture or show me where to review...
    My email is phuonglovejesus@yahoo.com
    Thank so much, friend.

  2. I guess the name of the plant is red butterfly wing or mariposa (Christia vespertilionis)

    I have seen this plant growing here but somehow I had not come across in any of the gardens here.

    You can get more details from here:

  3. You have many cultivars of Episcia and they are blooming so well, wonderful! They look healthy despite damaged from rain, leaves doesn't curl or looked burnt. Do you water daily, fertilize often?
    Makes me happy to see bright red blooms, well when it didn't bloom, atleast I have interesting foliage to admire :)

  4. Thanks Jaime - I had written about them in my other post. Do click on the label to find more details.


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