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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Creeping Fig - Ficus Repens

Nothing creepy about this fig, nor its not the type that you would look for it's friuts. I seriously thought this one was an ivy.

It suppose to be invasive where it creeps against the wall and seriously cause a nuisance. Somehow I was not sure about that and placed it against the wall but until now, none of the vines had attached itself against any wall. Probably I might use a sticker and force it to attach itself... see if I have the time to do it... (hehehehe)

I have not yet tried on propagating this plant, said that it is difficult. I noticed that there are roots coming out at the bottom of the vine but not seen any taking the soil or getting the roots in any form. Will follow-up on this matter.


  1. this one is very pretty.. i wish i could had such plants here in Dubai :(

  2. Not sure what grows well in Dubai, is it very hot there?

  3. yes it is. and i am not at all learnt about which plant needs how much water, how much sun etc.. though u love green patches. so I just buy. some of them do well and some, i see die in front of me.

    having said that, how do i get to know when u hv replied to a comment (any way that i can get an email in my mailbox or something?) I keep commenting but dont remember going back to see if you replied however with other blogs, i do get an email when the author replies.. )

  4. My suggestion on buying plants: It is much better if you can get it from a friend or your neighbouring friends than buying from a nursery, chances are these plants comes from a different place where the weather is conditioned. And so, most cases, it will die in short period.

    Probably I can suggest those which are easy to take care, like tradescantia or mother of thousand.. its impossible to fail on those.

  5. You can purchase ficus repens 'pumila' at Lowe's or Home Depot. They carry both the standard variety as well as the variegated. Plants are sold in 1 gallon sized pot with tons of foliage & well established root system. The average price is $7.00.

    -Mary, Central FL


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