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Monday, July 13, 2009

Cattleya Orchid - part 2

I must apologise for the low quality of pictures taken, I realise that I do not have a good camera to get these marvelous blooms captured beautifully on digital image. Regardless, I must content myself with this beautiful moment with cattleya orchids.. The fragrance was very mild yet so refreshing.

Again, I must apologise for the colours that appeared on the screen, one violet and the other blue, its actually more of a magenta side of colours. I'm surprised what camera's can do nowadays, The blue (fluorescent) and the violet (sunlight). I guess the sunlight tone seemed to be the real colour of the orchid but regardless I still love blue orchids..

OK, I'm sure you would be wondering what is this story all about. You see, very much earlier (about a year or so) an office mate brought a bunch of pseudobulbs from her house and distributed all of them to those who were interested in getting this orchid. She is shifting and clearing her access plants. And so, she cut all the older bunches of dried up, spend orchid plant for others to try their luck.

Some have success stories (like daily blooms) and some were not successful as their plant didn't root and died. This is the second batch, mostly without roots, so it may take another few months for the roots to develop from the pseudoblubs.

When I showed my current picture of the existing orchid (cattleya - part 1) to my office mates, they got excited and wanted to venture into their second trial session, some were not confident and passed their bulbs to me to help them get their roots going.

Hmm.. excitement is not as nearly as getting the close encounter with these blooms - they just lifted my confidence, I'm still keeping high hopes that one day, these orchid bloom gloriously in my garden.

Most of them do not have good roots, so its going to be very challenging to make sure they root and that new bulbs appear. I guess its going take months. I'm thinking of working out the step by step on getting this plant growing. I have just started to get my materials arranged for planting, probably will do so in these few days time.

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