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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nature Walk 1 - Spider Lily (Hymenocallis littoralis)

I was in a mood for a nature walk this afternoon and decided to check out the floral landscape near my office area. These are planted near an apartment area which is currently been evacuated. I guess a new development had bought over the land and the work is in progress.

Anyway, I had spotted few of these spider lily plant planted in miniature park area together with Ti plant & Corn tree plant (pic. not taken) Sadly, this area is not maintained properly as its been littered with rubbish.

I love these flowers as I use to take them as cut flowers and placed them in a vase, during evening the floral gives out a sweet lily fragrance - very calm & relaxing.
(Though needed to be careful for the sap or milk as its irritate the skin and considered a poisonous plant)

This is a lily species, planted though the bulb.
I had seen in most areas where this plant is planted (usually for road borders & landscaping).

1) To get max. flowers, trim off totally all the leaves from the bottom. New leaves together with the flower stalk appears after pruning.


  1. Thanks for your comment and visit!

    I love these flowers too! We have other species of Hymenocallis here...

  2. Welcome Lucia & thanks for the nice comment.


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