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Monday, June 22, 2009

Mango Tree - Mangifera

I love mangoes and its one of my favourites fruits. This one grows near my house (belongs to my neighbour - 3 houses away) The problem with this one is its infected with something (not sure whether its virus or worm) because when the fruit ripens, its seed gets rotten.

The only thing that eat this fruit is monkeys that occasionally visit the area for these fruits.
Recently these few days, they had started a problem by opening garbage bins and spilling all the garbage in the neighbourhood area and making a mess. I was a victim last week.

I was wondering which dog or animal did it, and was told the new nuisance began. I just spotted 2 monkeys on the way to work walking on the roadside with the evidence of open trashcans and spilled garbage, but I was rushing to work and was not too keen to take any snapshots less these monkeys get panic and attack me.

OK, back to these mangoes.
Few matters:

1) Never park your car under a mango tree or stand underneath a mango tree when it rains as it leaves are very acidic and may cause trouble. The sap from the leaves may cause irritation for those who have sensitive skin.

2) Burning of mango wood, leaves and debris is not advised - toxic fumes can cause serious irritation to eyes and lungs.

3) Mango leaves are considered toxic and can kill cattle or other grazing livestock.

Other tips:
1) Mangoes are normally warm (if you held it in your hands, this fruit will be warm)
To know the fruit is getting ripe, just gentle hold and feel the fruit to find whether its getting soft. If it does, place it in the refrigerator and have it chilled, its so delicious when its cool. (not frozen!)

2) Chilled mangoes can last in the fridge for fews days than mangoes placed in room temperature. But Unripe mangoes may not ripe at all and it would be sour forever if placed in the fridge too soon. So, the tack is to place the fruit just before it fully ripe.

3) I love fish curry with young mangoes, mango pickles and that delicious thick mango lassi...
Its a season not to be missed.


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