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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cardboard palm - Zamia Furfuracea

I was looking for this cycad for a very long time and found it selling in a supermarket for RM10 for each pot. I selected the best 2 pots from the selection and placed them here.

When I first saw this plant, someone mentioned to me that it was called "Lady Palm Tree", later when I checked the information from googles and found out that it was a name for a different palm tree.

In fact, this is not a palm species, rather its a cycad. I had re potted this two plants in a bigger pot as I find that the root ball is getting out of the pot.

Common names: Cardboard palm, Jamaican Sago Tree (Zamia Furfuracea)

1) Very hardy - drought resistant, water when the soil dries up. Too much water may kill the plant. (root rot)

2) A slow growing plant - good for keeping them in areas where you want them to remain as it is.

3) Place them in free draining soil.

4) There where reports of pets (dog) eating the fruit and had died. It is true that this plant is poisonous, but in most cases, a lot of common ornament plants are poisonous.


  1. hey wanted to ask something.. you put these pebbles over the soil for aesthetics or there is some other reason..

  2. well, few reasons actually.

    1) Easy to water, I use the water hose and often times the water hit hard and the soil washes off. Using pebbles presses the soil and the nothing goes out.

    2) It helps to keep off weeds from sprouting and snails & slugs

    3) And finally, it gives that aesthetic look and a nice snapshot (white background gives a better picture compared to earthen background)


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