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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Common Rue - Ruta Graveolens

Common names: Herb of Grace, Herbygrass, Garden Rue. (Ruta graveolens)

It took me few days just to identify this plant. I only know this plant from my mom and my neighbours who often mentioned that it helps babies to sleep well when the leaves are placed inside the pillow sheets or made small pouch and string it upon the babies hands.

Its truly a fragrance that one need to acquire - for those who love it will call it a fragrance and those who don't will considered it repulsive. I just cut few leaves and brought it to my work place for identification, most my colleague recognise it but don't know its name. One of them mentioned that its used to ward off evil spirits.

I had "googled" and "googled" till I found out that this one is called Rue. Lo and behold I found out the truth about this plant, its truly a Herb Full of Grace.

Still sniffing my hands and enjoying the little fragrance of rue, time to time. How exotic...

I had brought these few leaves for identification, I just cut these this morning to take to the office. Just cutting them and the whole house was flooded with this fragrance! There is a lot of taboo or prohibition due to custom concerning this plant.

1) Not to cut this plant in the night or else this plant will die.
(I now hear this rule applied to all of the plants in the list) - I get this often from everyone but the problem is I'm only free during the night time after settling all the children and house chores.
There was even a time when I used an umbrella in the heavy rain and garden. Those moments are my zeal for gardening. How can I reason with those who do not understand?

2) Should not touch this plant during monthly period or else it will die.
This is the most common one I always hear, in fact this is the no. 1 rule. (coming from all the gardeners I know are women and they "lawfully" address this as the most important factor concerning this plant) If they do touched it.. then this plant will die...

3) There are another few of this and that (or else this plant will die) factor. This didn't really mattered to me, as I am a person who believe that supersitions are meant to be broken. In fact, I challenged most of those who believe (the don't disturb the plants in the night rule) and compared that with my garden. If what you say is true, then how did my garden thrived as I garden only at night?

Yeah I forgot to mention. These taboos are only circulated around my region. Its certainly seemed shocking and as the same time funny.... I have heard this (the don't disturb the plants in the night rule) so often especially from my relatives, only to realise that I garden in the night and they are fall dumb struck unable to reason with me as I don't believe it so.

Its very difficult to reason with people who belief superstitious and follow them religiously.
I got nothing against it, as long as they don't disturb me when I garden in the night or else... (lol)


  1. Rue is a pretty good plant. I have it growing in my garden. Lots of stories surrounding it for sure. You also have to be careful of the sap when you cut it, as it can irritate some folks skin. I've not been bothered but I don't usually cut mine. I grow it just to grow it. It's a neat plant!

  2. Hai,Dear James, may i know where can I get this ruta Graveolens@Rue. I really want to help my friend from Egypt, he want to buy the plant....Hope you can help me, Shahida Kuala Lumpur...ssulleh@yahoo.com

  3. Shahida - If you referring to get this plant in Malaysia - you can try in Sungai Buloh nursery but Im not sure how you are planning to ship it to Egypt.
    This plant is quite sensitive - they sometimes die without any apparent reason.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Mr. James, I'm wondering where can I get this rue in bulk. I need the leaves of this plant for my research studies. Can u help me. It would be a great help because those I planted at my house are not growing much. Madhuraa from Johor Bahru


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