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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fluffy Ruffle Fern - Nephrolepis Exaltata

This is one of my pride & joy of plants. The beautiful cascading flow of ferns. Known as fluffy ruffle fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata)

I got it from a centre where they were having a project called "Adopt a plant"
I signed in my name & got a small pot with these little babies.
I kept it in my room by the side of the window by my bedside and watered it
and tended it and loved it dearly.
It was about 15 years ago !

Now they are the masters of the sky..
ruling over the skies and reign in beauty.

These were the period where is was so hot, no matter how much it been watered,
it gave a weeping withered look..

The burned leaves at the side of the pot
(nor dead nor the living..)

These was very much earlier when I had plants at both side of my entrance.
Currently I had shifted all the plants in one side of my porch.
(This side now is : NO PLANTING AREA)

After awhile, a hen came and started laying eggs at these pots,
ruining all my ferns. These was before the damage occured.

These yellow flower plant - Black Flamingo has now become extinct.
(after a season, they matured and all died)
I have managed to get some new shoots from my mum. Still managing them and waiting for the plant to mature and flower.


  1. just bought a fluffy ruffle and it is a while. I have it out on my porch where there is shade. I will bring it indoors when it starts to get cool.

  2. Hello
    I have been trying to buy a Nephrolepis Exaltata "Suzy Wong" very much like your ferns in the photos. I live in Brisbane Australia. if anone reading this knows where I can get one, I would be most grateful.
    Many thanks
    Kathleen (KatyOnline@live.com)

    1. I just bought mine at Home Depot here. I live in Florida, so I should think all Home Depot's are the same. Good luck.

  3. I've had my fluffy ruffle about 5 years and love it. Thanks for the photos!

  4. Your plants are gorgeous. I have three fluffy ruffle ferns in the bathroom and all are doing well. You definitely have a green thumb. Scrolling through your photos, I felt calm and peaceful. Thank you!

  5. I have 2 fluffy ruffle ferns it was a wedding gift to my grandfather/ grand mother our family has kept them growing for about 86 years transplanting when needed. Love them so much get alot of compliments on them. Cedar Rapids, IA

  6. I just got given an offshoot of fluffy ruffle as a gift. It is still very small but growing strong. Your garden is lovely. The sweet Japanese lady is a charming touch.

    Jennifer (Mauritius Island)

  7. I have had a fluffy ruffle (Suzy Wong)for about 45 years and would like to propagate more of them. How have you been able to get so many multiples of all this beautiful plant? In the summer, my plant puts out all these stringlike, hairy looking shoots. Do you know what those are? If I can get them in soil, will they root? South of Houston, Texas, USA

    1. When this plant grows..it's gives out the string like roots and start spouting into new plants. I normally divide them and replant them giving them a new pot.


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