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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Garden Landcaping - Pond (After)

One of the amazing beauty you can capture is having a waterlily.
Well a lotus flower works too but in this case,
this ever blooming waterlily just add a high value in a garden.
One can never put a price-tag on this magical existence of this enchanted floral beauty.

It is at a stone throw view while you have your tea
and contemplate life's journey and its beauty.
The serenity and the majesty just captivate
in a simple simplicity of how you would put it..
Beauty of Life in a Single Flower.

If you have this flower bloom in your garden.
You will never stop being amazed.

Together with this collection are Moses Boat Plant cascading at the corner.
As I mentioned earlier how it gives contrasting feature that adds strong colour feature against the green base backdrop setting.

At the far centre, a Buddha Belly Plant grows as a focus plant.
This view gives a highly an ascetic value especially the fig like leaves features and spray of floral that strikes breaking the visual contrast.

Above this there placed rows of rectangular pots where green leaved bromeliads (Flaming Torch) where randomly spikes of red appear like pagoda springs giving a feature of calmness and richness in the midst of chaos.

In the midst of all these.
The feature factor is very much calmness, serenity and soul searching concept where white and red blooms mingle in bring that statement of contemplation.

Indeed water feature with blooms and visual power is invisibly portray a message.
Regardless where one understands it or not, it definitely bring the said effect when these blooms are observed.

The final touch is the fragrance of  Bread Flowers (Kesidang)
That seals the charm of grace and culture that spans for centuries.

The timelessness is draw a line that beauty is without the border against time.
Life is still beautiful.

Finally adding simplicity of daily blooms of Moss Rose that is here and gone.
The beauty that marks like is short..make it sweet.

This seals the whole concept of the theme in this garden space.


Barbee' said...

This series of posts is fascinating!

Mystic Dreamer said...

Beautiful and serene.

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