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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mexican Sword Plant

This Mexican Sword Plant is an aquatic plant & that spells disaster when you find mosquito breeding inside them. The only antidote to handle this is to get Carbide (a mosquito repellent poison) that will kill the larvae and somehow doesn't effect the fish (if you intend to put them inside the water pot)

I would say, I was able to successfully manage to keep the little baby fish in the pot for sometime. I find only platties manage to handle the stress compared to other species.

Coming back to this plant.
One of the things that makes them bloom is adequate sunlight. Too shaded and the plant tend to get very light green and leggy. I had occasionally find the leaf branches break under its own weight and it does look ugly when the leaves tend to get burned and dries. (so - occasionally pruning is necessary)

Other than that,
Its a easy manageable plant. I would consider it hardy and require less maintenance.
The flower spike do indeed sprout out baby plants (pups coming out from the spend flowers)
That is if you want more plants from this species.

Platties and baby fish.
These require monthly water change.
Failing to do so can cause the whole species to die. That's why a second smaller container is kept for standby. Just in case if any mishap takes place.


Stephanie said...

I like this Mexican Sword Plant a lot. Love to gaze at them every time I pass by one :-)

Unknown said...

I love it. I was looking for this plant's name. I have this plant but didn't know it's name.
Thank you, thank you very much.

Shubhada Nikharge said...

why is it called a sword plant?

Shuvonkor Pramanik said...

Thank you for sharing your insights into the world of the Mexican Sword Plant! It's fascinating to hear about the challenges and solutions you've encountered, especially concerning mosquito breeding and the need for careful management with Carbide. Your experience with different fish species, particularly platties, adds a practical touch to aquatic plant keeping.

The emphasis on adequate sunlight, occasional pruning, and the plant's hardy nature make it sound like a rewarding addition to aquariums or ponds. The details about flower spikes producing baby plants provide valuable information for those looking to propagate more of this species. Your dedication to monthly water changes and having a standby container reflects responsible and caring plant and fish keeping.

For more aquatic plant enthusiasts or those seeking advice on plant and fish care, your insights are certainly beneficial. If anyone is interested in exploring more about aquatic plants or finding unique varieties, they can check out Aquatic Plant Hub. Keep sharing your experiences and green expertise!

James David said...

Shubhada Nikharge
I have no idea - perhaps there might be some meaning
May have to do some research on it - I guess

James David said...

Dear Shuvonkor Pramanik,

Thank you so much for your comment and thoughts on this matter.
Appreciate it very much

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