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My Vertical Garden Wall


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blooms in my Garden

I love flowers in my garden. I'm not sure whether any other guys would confess such a thing. I rarely do come across where you would hear guys says that. But I think it's OK if it comes to gardening. I know few guys who would spend hours & days tending orchids and get mesmerised when the orchids bloom.

Even in the fairy tales you would hear in Beauty & the Beast where the Beast is devoted to his rose garden. Or the Story of Jack & the Bean stalk - if Jack was not a gardener - there wouldn't be a story to tell.

Its a year-end season and all of the Wish Bone Flowers had sprouted from the last year seeds (wherever the seeds had scattered - it seemed now its free flow sprouting) The best part is that new varieties of mix seemed to appear from everywhere. The one I show here is the white variety - notice there is no blue spray on it except on the sides?

Angelonias seems to be blooming now after I had trimmed and propagated them. They tend to get leggy and eventually mature and die - and it is important to do this or the whole species will just disappear from my garden. Now the place is quite crowded. I just have to find the time to reset the whole place again.

My Walking Stick Iris is blooming too.
Can you see a face on the flower?
Look from far and you will see the outline of the feature.
Amazing isn't it?


africanaussie said...

Oh that face is amazing.... I have a bleeding heart vine and just love those flowers.

Unknown said...

The white Torenia with blue blotches is unusual. I do not have this in my garden. The possibilities that Nature can conjure up are endless.

Stephanie said...

You have very pretty blooms this time round. The blue white torenia is unusual. And yes, thank goodness Jack was a gardener and a really good one haha...

Jacqueline said...

Hi James! Your blooms, I'm sure makes you very proud and delighted with the outcome of your tender, loving care. I especially love the yellow Walking Stick Iris imprinted with a lovely face... rather uniquely fashioned. Love also your red Bleeding Heart. Is the magenta coloured flowers also a species of Angelonias? I've never come across them in the nurseries I visit/

Antonio said...

Ohh James as has the garden, I love especially the Iris, is rarely seen in the garden of Spain.
I congratulate.

painted princess collection said...

amazing Iris james have never seen this species.All the other blooms are very clearly photographed and presented Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post

James David said...


James David said...

Yes, Im amazed to.
Never seen like it - sold anywhere.

James David said...

Thanks Stephanie - yeah.
Glad u like the story.

James David said...

Yes - thanks for the encouragement.
The magenta ones are also angelonias.
Quite common ones - I guess it comes in batches and might had sold off ones they arrive.

James David said...

Thanks Antonio.
This iris is the tropical type.

James David said...

Most welcome friend.

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