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Friday, March 12, 2010

Spicy Jatropha

I felt guilty when I bought this plant, I guess its the long-term effect of being rescuing plants for every long time. But then, I saw this lovely beautiful plant sold in the nursery for RM4.50 which is considered very cheap. (a plant cheaper than the pot - RM5.00)

The plant looks tall & very thin, I guess its been sitting on the plastic bag for years. I had placed it in a nice pot and generously gave a good amount of soil for the roots to "stretch" her legs and relax. It had been giving me a lot of flowers everyday.

I had done some research and found that they do well also in shaded area. Probably would get another pot and place it where I would like some flowers near my entrance door. Again, when something new comes in, something else have to make way to go out - I wonder who would be the right candidate for that farewell? Hmmm....

Some info about Jatropha.

1) Does well in semi-shade or in sun, this plant don't seemed to mind it.

2) All parts of the plants are poisonous.

3) Can be propagated by cuttings or seeds
(may have to let the cuttings to bleed its sap for a before planting)
(also watch out on the over-watering as it might cause rotting)

4) Give continuous blooms

5) Drought tolerant


Floridagirl said...

Well, James, this is one of my favorite garden plants! I love jatropha! The flowers are so pretty, and they're great for attracting butterflies! They grow gi-normous here and seed around the garden occasionally.

Stephanie said...

I like this plant due to the fact that they can be pruned hard after they grow tall. Good choice! I notice this plant never fail to show its blooms. The flowers are pretty. And the plant can grow in narrow planters.

Btw, I would certainly take your advice to go for opposite colours to create depth. Thanks for the advice!

Ami said...

I have two Jatropha trees, free seedlings from my firend's neighbour's garden! I just put one into the ground this past weekend in full sun area. Will see if it will go well there.

Barry Parker said...

Hi James,

What a beauty! And it attracts butterflies too, Great!

Noelle Johnson said...

I am glad you broke down and bought this beautiful plant. I just love the color of the flowers.

Anonymous said...

James, I love it!!! Plant lust big time.

Wendy said...

it looks great!

Autumn Belle said...

James, the Jatropha flowers are beautiful and have such an auspicious red colour. I have seen a red Jatropha bush in front of a realty company and it is quite tall with many many blooms. I saw a pale pink Jatropha at The Secret Garden of 1U. You have made the right decision.

J.C. said...

Dear James,

It's my first time being introduced to a Jatropha. It has beautiful blooms and I like plants that give continuous blooms. This may be one of the plants that I would like to get for our new home.

Thanks for your comment on the pesticide to fight mealy bugs. May I ask for the name of the pesticide? I am sick of the invasion of the MB. Killed several of my plants and I want to find an alternative solution to fight it.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

James I've "babysitted" a Jatropha for a few weeks - its got quite a weird shape - quite unusual for a UK houseplant - it was flowering at the time and they were lovely.

Terra Mirabilis said...

Hi, James. I'm sure you'll find that once your jatropha gets going, it will flower and seed like mad. I routinely have to pull up seedlings or small plants and I'm running out of people to give them to. Is yours red or pink? I have both and I love them dearly.

James David said...

Sorry for the delay in replying the comments, I was very busy lately with family matters and was not able to attend to my garden blog.

Floridagirl & Barry - I have yet to see butterflies hop and drink nectar from these flowers, it sure would look pretty if they do in my garden.

Stephanie - I'm a bit cautious it pruning this plant, they look very spaced out and have few branches - any trimming and the whole thing would look bare. Have you tried propagate those pruned branches - any success?

Good luck Ami with the seeds.

JC - I have bought this pesticide (Wesco Malathion 57) It is very effective and also do consider the poison that its also harmful.
I had found that the pestcontrol guys who spray at homes for the whiteants & termites use this pesticide too.
The liquid need to be diluted & it would turn white once in contact with water. It had been used for the rice field. Once used, the pest do not visit your garden for years. I can even remember when was the last time I used this chemical.
Good luck!

Penny - wished I was your neighbour, I don't mind having many of this flowering plants blooming everywhere. Mine is red - I had not come across the pink ones.

Thanks Grace, Noelle, Wendy, Belle & leavesnbloom for your lovely comments.

Stephanie said...

Nope, I have not propagated this plant before.

Anonymous said...

good day, are you located in the uk, i would like to get a few seeds pls.

Anonymous said...

hello my name is robert seller, am from the uk and i would love to have i few seeds if possible.

James David said...

Hi Robert,
This plant is not doing well now in my garden.
Infested with mealy bugs many times.
I had not got any seeds from this plant in my garden.
Perhaps you can try buying them from Ebay?
I think they are easily available there.

Anonymous said...

Hi James, I have a big Jatropha and early in spring, i planted several of the pruned cuttings. All are now in leaf. The red flowers attract clouds of butterflies in summer - but all are one species of butterfly only, the common yellow ones! Only rarely is a black swallowtail in their midst. The swallowtails go to the curry tree instead, drink from its flowers and lay eggs on the leaves.

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