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My Vertical Garden Wall

My Vertical Garden Wall


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Humming Birds on the Wall

I just visited a gift shop - one of those very cheap store known as "99 Shop". They sell stuff with 99c priced at the last digit of the cash value. And so I got these for 1.99c which is actually RM2.00. And if you get 10 of these you get 10c back in return (get the idea)

Anyway, these are actually fridge magnets where these figurines have a flat surface at the other side. I had applied a strong glue and stuck it at the entrance wall. Quite cool for a 3D figure for a very reasonable price don't you think?

I didn't want to add too many of these in the garden, just these two. For awhile, I was taken aback with a shock thinking some kind of insect sitting on the wall then later realised these are the figurines. Funny - they do look creepy during the night.
Anyway, I got used to it within few days and found that I do not notice it at all. It must be the sub-conscious thing I guess.

I understand that garden have a wider scope than just plants alone. Hope this sort-of creates that wider spectrum in my garden.
How about yours?
Do you fancy any little figures and sorts?


Ami said...

haha, I have hummingbird stake in my garden (I have two of them). You may have seen it in my "A New look to my garden corner" post. Humming bird is one of my favorites! Yours is very lovely too, and with the price that you can not beat! Do you have real hummingbirds visiting your garden?

Stephanie said...

These hummingbirds are pretty! And the price is good too. We used to have these in the house long long time ago. It is good that they still sell them now - they make a nice decorative item.

Btw, do you also eat the hibiscus anthers?

Anonymous said...

I hv been reading you as always but just a lil lazy with commenting.. the idea of putting these birds in the garden is great.. their pictures tempted me to write to you :) love reading your garden tales.

can I ask you something not related to ths post? i live in dubai as you might remember. its hot and sandy here and maintaining plants is not easy. Everytime i pass by a nursery and see the supple green plants i buy one or two but their shine goes away very soon and most of my plants wither/dry over a period of time. I am sure they use special spray or fertilizers to keep them so thick but have no idea what that might be. Any idea what I can do at home to maintain them? should i send u an email with pictures for a better idea?

Noelle Johnson said...

I do not have any figures in my garden except for a wind chime. I do love the little hummingbirds on your refrigerator :-)

Wendy said...

Cute hummingbird!

I don't have many (or any, really) garden ornaments, but I would really like some. I feel like since I don't have any, whatever new thing I got would really stand out unless I had several. Plus, I feel like I'm holding out for something I really like - unfortunately, I can't seem that find that thing. Keep the ideas coming!

Terra Mirabilis said...

Well, I have ceramic ducks, a mother and three ducklings, plus some wire chickens. And of course, my Garden Goddess ( I think all gardens need things that set off the plants.

Barry Parker said...

Hi James,
I learnt at a talk this evening that humming birds are only to be found in the Americas (including the Caribbean).

James David said...

Ami - wished I had. Most of the time the sunbirds visit the garden.

Stephanie - I manage to get another 3 pairs and fastened them on my staircase, they really look very elegant.
I enjoyed eating the petals only. Haven't tried the anther - did you?

Tarabatt - Thanks for the compliement & yes please do e-mail me the pictures.

Noelle - I too have a wind chime but its not very windy and so there is no sound most of the time. These figurine are actually stuck on the entrance wall with their magnets removed.

Wendy - I love garden ornaments, its just that it need to be with the propotion with the garden space and placing them in a stragetic place may give an impact with the plants and the ornament - like a story to tell.
Again, its based on your taste.
As for now, I got also 2 apple figurines that blends well with the garden.

Penny - I agree with you. Sometimes its not so much of emphasising the figurine rather the collection they create together that makes the whole garden complete.

Barry - yes, they only exist in that region thats why I have to opt to this figurine. Strangely a lot of gardeners here mistaken sunbirds for hummingbirds.

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