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Monday, November 9, 2009

UnGuessed Hybrids

What do you mean when you say its a hybrid?
(now I have to google and find a nice answer :
(Ahem.. google "Hybrid Orchid")
(there are practically 879,000 on them - OMG!!)

It all come to an understanding that there are two type of orchids: The Native & the Hybrid.
The native ones are those original ones that found in the wild, very often they are not sought after or cultivated because they are seasonal & sometimes unattractive.

Whereas Hybrids are basically where 2 types of orchid genes where mixed to created a better result in flowering compared to the parent plant. Thus the weaker gens were improved and that creates a new better hybrid. These are very much propagated for commercial value.

If you are very cautious about orchid the best orchid plant that I would suggest to get are those hybrid types. They are more resilient to weather, pest, lack of care and blooms freely and continuously.

I guess constant experiments were done many years to increase the stock, to increase the size and number of flowers, to change and improve the color of flowers, to improve the growth habits of the plant, and to throw strength into a weak line.

And so, you will find new unique names because of these hybrids.

These are Arachnis Orchids (meaning Spider Orchid) Also known as Scorpion orchids but because of they are hybrid I really can't make sure exactly what they are.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy these pictures and if you are an amateur like me who just love flowers and care less about their botanic names, I guess you can join me in getting these cheap orchids for a very good price.

These are sold in Orchid Garden in KL with flowers for RM15.00,
3 pots you can get for RM40.0
(I guess you can bargain for discount) and just the stalk without the flower cost RM5.00

I'm guessing the other two above is known as Aranda
(Mix of Arachnis & Vanda) but the plant stalk look exactly like the Arachnis.
How can you note the difference until the flower comes out?
These are RM5.00 per stalk

This one is known as Renanthera orchid. The difference is that they are smaller but have more blooms and have horizontal sprays on each stalk.
Arachnis & Renanthera are native here and can be found in South East Asia. I guess there are just too many botanic information about them that do not really interested me.
What interest me are those flowers, more blooms, longer blooms and constant new blooms in short intervals - wouldn't that be wonderful.
(Isn't Google wonderful too.. all these information at the finger tip, enough to know the basic of course)


Sue said...

I often wonder how we ever LIVED before the internet--all the info we could ever want or need, right at our fingertips.
This was a nice post-and yes, eventually I'll stop being a cheapskate and just BUY ONE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely collection of orchids. I was excited to find a wild Cranefly Orchid growing in my garden last Sept. You may enjoy My Orchids Journal by an experienced orchid gardener.
Thanks for visiting my site. You are always welcome. I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

janie said...

Wow! Your orchids are fantastic! I am holding off on getting more orchids, as I am truly compulsive about it when I start. I got one, and 3 weeks later, I had 21!

I enjoyed this post.

Dirt Princess said...

Hi James! Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad to have you! If you would contact me through the Kontactr button. It is on the right side of my blog, directly above the Seed Swap icon. This way you can email me your address, and I can get the seeds out to you asap!

Stephanie said...

Yes, there are really lots of hybrids :-D Glad to see some of them here. The orchids you have in the pictures are all so pretty. I would love to have all of them in my garden one day!

Noelle Johnson said...

Hello James,

What beautiful orchids. I don't know what types my two are, but they are probably hybrids since I bought them at the grocery store. So far, they are doing well and I am having fun observing them close up.

Chloe m said...

I will buy an orchid. You have converted me. Now I just have to find a sale.. :)

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Your orchid photos are wonderful. Each time you share a little more of your discoveries about orchids. So nice!

James David said...

Sue - I agree with you about the net but not so sure about being cheapskate (sometimes, you just need to know more about the plant before buying them) I guess - you are being wise on that matter.

Thanks Donna for the info on the journal blog - will check that out & will also visit you also time to time.

Janie, Stephanie, Noelle & Mary - thank you for your messages, its really makes my day to hear your lovely comments.

Dirt Princess - thanks a lot, would do so as you mention.

Rosey Pollen - Glad to note that but please, do some research before buying. Get those which are cheap, hardy & free blooming. (if you are being cautious like me)

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