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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Garden Landscaping - Original Layout

I had started working out a project in landscape and designing a garden for my friend.

As for now,
the plants are actually arranged separately in each planter box or pots.
I came up with a concept where to zone and place all the types of plants in our specific region.
That way, it will maximize visual pleasure and safe more garden space .

The requirements were simple:
Use as much plants as possible in this garden and avoid disposing any plants or materials.

For this Garden Concept:

1) Easy Access to Plants
(as currently they are tightly positioned and some plants to difficult to access)
This will also help to easy management in pruning, feeding and maintenance care.

2) Group Types of Plants in their respective ideal condition.
(Some are shaded plants exposed to direct sun and versa visa)

3) Creating an Ambience where it gives fullness of Colour and Visual Pleasure.
The factor is creatively planting them in combo setting based on the plant needs.

One of the factors about the current look is that it is overwhelming
due to the same plants are placed in various location
- grouping them together will be the first work to be done.

And the secondary factor is to find the best location for them
as they can thrive and grow without restriction.

Considering the collection - they are indeed rare and valuable.
Some are highly sought after:
Staghorn Ferns, Bromeliads, Earthstars, Airplants, Figs to name a few classes.

The challenge is to show case them in grouping and at the same time
- each plant get to showcase their beauty without overwhelming each other.

These are Outdoor Set-Up
Mostly edibles - fruit trees and vegetables

Some of the ornament types are stashed together in this collection.
Some plants had overgrown and taken over upon another plant becoming invasive and choked the sensitive ones.

Hence my work begins in landscaping this garden into a beautiful feature garden.
Hopefully it will work out for the best as I planned it out.

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