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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Calathea Species

I thought these were a easy species to handle.
Boy, am I wrong.

They don't do well with fertilisers - and so I had to be very patient with them.
Still now, I really can't figure out their secrets.. I can't get them to grow lushfully.

Anyway, I still have few that survived here and there.
They are starting to make their comeback now - somehow its not as gloom as I expected - most of them had regenerated (I had lost few species)

And that is not confusing enough...
Identifying the species is another matter - I still don't understand their specific deference between Calathea and Maranta.. and I guess there are other variants, possibilities of me being totally wrong.

Some of these in my collection:

1) Calathea Zebrina
2) Maranta amagris
3) Calathea Ornata
4) Calathea lancifolia
5) Calathea Dottie
6) Calathea roseopicta rosy
7) Maranta Rubra
8) Maranta arundinacea variegata   

As long as they survive and eventually thrive,
I really don't mind if its Calathea, Maranta or whatever..

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