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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Blooms

There are indeed rewards when you think twice of not taking a plant and still did otherwise. In a manner of speaking of rescuing them, there can be no greater joy in seeing the reward of their blooms. I for one would say this are truly remarkable ones.

I'm totally care-less in the fact that I do not know its ID. In very high suspicion that it could be from a lily family. The only thing that gives me satisfaction is those descending leaves, cascading downwards. Each like a petal itself.

To prove me wrong, then came another shocking surprise when its starting giving out not one but two flower spikes. These warm spilling the beans reds are something that I hardly come across.
Certainly these are the joy of gardening moments.

Jewel of Opar certainly never cease to mesmerise me.
I often get captivated by these tiny blooms and seed-pods which somehow tells me that even a small things can still be beautiful. These are truly miniature flowers that it might take awhile for anyone to appreciate it.

Most likely the grass cutter would just slice through them without a second thought as they are easily mistaken for weeds or overgrown grass. I realise that kept them going as it would prove a resilient & hardy plant. Taking those "hard pruning" to continue on for the next season.

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