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Monday, November 18, 2013

Amaryllis Season

I had left these bulbs to grow their leaves and settle for few months before trimming them off and storing them in a cool place. I think it would have been like 3-5 months period time when suddenly few of these bulbs are shooting flower spikes. I manage to put them close together as the flowers starts to bloom.

It is indeed lovely to enjoy these blooms nearing the holiday season.


  1. Beautiful.. I have some in my garden too..

  2. I have some in my garden that have not flowered - I think they are in a spot that is too shady. I was wondering about digging them up and putting them into a pot to force flower them. I was thinking of cutting the leaves off when I do that - I have noticed in the past this tends to force them to make flowers instead of all their energy going into leaves.

    1. Its a good idea to do that.
      Normally I would leave it for finish all its blooms and let the leaves to grow for few months and then uproot them and keep it aside together with the leaves.
      I let the leaves dry out naturally and then trim it off once its totally dried - storing the bulb in a cool dry place.
      These bulbs are now springing back to life with only the flower spikes blooming.
      I think - I just have to maintain it in this style of planting them without much care.
      Enjoying the blooms and removing them after few months when they are done.

  3. Nice blooms. I love amaryllis. If only there blooms would last longer.


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