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Thursday, October 17, 2013


The beautiful thing about succulents are that they are very exotic & unique looking. They just create an extra-ordinary feel in the garden space. 

Together with the uniqueness comes with a hidden agenda that is dangerously awaiting.
These touch me nots are ruthless in their care regiment. 
One mistake can proof fatal as many gardeners can confess that this is not for beginners to start with.

Envious as anyone can be.
I would dare say that I have to keep them out of reach from others less they might tempt to touch it and the leaf breaks crumbling down after. 
I did manage to propagate them using the broken leaves but they really test one patience and I certainly gave up and prefer to propagate them using their hanging stem. (sounds more promising even if it is 50% success rate)

Even slight movement can be another disaster
 (to my eyes perhaps)
Ohh.. those poor little leaves..

Together in this collection:
Donkey's Tail (Sedum morganianum)
Ghost Plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense)

I find this succulent very easy to handle. 
Even the leaf can sprout of babies 
(discount the patience in waiting) 
though it might take glacier speed to get them to size up. 

Unless you have the intention to put them up in the balcony and water them once a week - I would truly recommend this one.

It was truly a challenge to get their name. 
I first thought it was Echeveria species. 
I had few of those type which also eventually died.

Thanks for the garden group friends in FB
 - someone manage to identify them for me.
Finally this Ghost Plant had revealed its name to me.

This is Mother of Millions. (Bryophyllum Daigremontianum)

Another invasive succulent plant which many gardens swears that they are not easy to rid off. 
I would love this one invade my garden as I find they are quite rare. I guess they cannot handle extreme watering which proof to kill them.
(Not many succulents can withstand daily watering - which eventually succumb to root rot)  

Orchid Cactus growing together with my orchid plant.

A friend passed to me a small cutting of this hanging cactus.
It does however do not have any thorns or anything sharp to pierce upon.
I still haven't found its name yet. 

Another type of Mother of Thousands.
Notice the babies hanging on the leaf sections?

Unlike others - this one needs good watering. 
Lack of daily watering seemed to make this plant look sickly.


  1. I see that you have a nice collection of succulents and tha patience to match. I have planted some of these before and yes, one has to be careful about the watering part or you will have a rotting plant to cry about.

    1. Yes..
      Its risky business.. too much water and it dies.

  2. Wonderful collection! my ghost plant is almost gone :-( Anyway, I really like that donkey's tail. It's nice to see those 'tails' trailing down pot.

    1. Don't worry. The ghost plant will spring back to life.

  3. Graptopetalum and Burro's Tail are 2 of my favs. I root ever little piece that breaks and spread them around like marmalade.

    I think the long thornless cactus you showed is a Rhipsalis, mistletoe cactus, another favorite and easy to grow. All the Epiphytes are among my favorites.

    1. Ohh.. Yes!
      Rhipsalis.. thats the name..
      Thanks for the ID Jean!


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