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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Cactus Garden - Part 1

This is Mother of Thousands (Kalanchoe daigremonitana) 
Also known as Devil's spine & Mexican Hat. 
I guess this one is considered more of a "pest" than a plant. 
A lot of gardeners just hate it as they are so invasive just sprouting their plant-let everywhere. Many gardeners wage war with this one & I guess most of them are still fighting the battle.

I still like this one very much - more to do with the reason of lack of care & I mean literally. This one is going in a small sealed pot. I had placed these babies here and they have grown. I guess the heat had given them the stripes and spots - more like a leopard, don't you think?

These are grown in a small milk can tins.
They had aged and rusted but the plant is just doing so fine.

I often see broken pottery used as creative planting medium and I have decided to do so here. This is Mother of Thousand babies fastened in between the soil and clay pieces.

These are in a wooden box.


  1. Excellent idea on reusing those broken pottery James! This plant, Mother of Thousand is very invasive. But I see the plants are quite isolated for yours. So it is ok.

    Happy gardening!


    1. The Mother of Thousand cannot do so well in wet areas - daily watering can kill the plant.
      I guess its not so invasive after all.

  2. This was really helpful in dealing with my plant....I was over watering mine and now I know better...I thought because of the leaf being more flat than plump like most succulents that it had high water requirements. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Joel M.


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