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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blooms in my Garden

I love flowers in my garden. I'm not sure whether any other guys would confess such a thing. I rarely do come across where you would hear guys says that. But I think it's OK if it comes to gardening. I know few guys who would spend hours & days tending orchids and get mesmerised when the orchids bloom.

Even in the fairy tales you would hear in Beauty & the Beast where the Beast is devoted to his rose garden. Or the Story of Jack & the Bean stalk - if Jack was not a gardener - there wouldn't be a story to tell.

These are my regular common bloomers that grace my garden. It appears that the flowers looks exactly the same in all the pictures I have taken before. Except for the few new ones. This bleeding Heart species is of the red variety.

Its a year-end season and all of the Wish Bone Flowers had sprouted from the last year seeds (wherever the seeds had scattered - it seemed now its free flow sprouting) The best part is that new varieties of mix seemed to appear from everywhere. The one I show here is the white variety - notice there is no blue spray on it except on the sides?

Angelonias seems to be blooming now after I had trimmed and propagated them. They tend to get leggy and eventually mature and die - and it is important to do this or the whole species will just disappear from my garden. Now the place is quite crowded. I just have to find the time to reset the whole place again.

My Walking Stick Iris is blooming too.
Can you see a face on the flower?
Look from far and you will see the outline of the feature.
Amazing isn't it?


  1. Oh that face is amazing.... I have a bleeding heart vine and just love those flowers.

  2. The white Torenia with blue blotches is unusual. I do not have this in my garden. The possibilities that Nature can conjure up are endless.

    1. Yes, Im amazed to.
      Never seen like it - sold anywhere.

  3. You have very pretty blooms this time round. The blue white torenia is unusual. And yes, thank goodness Jack was a gardener and a really good one haha...

    1. Thanks Stephanie - yeah.
      Glad u like the story.

  4. Hi James! Your blooms, I'm sure makes you very proud and delighted with the outcome of your tender, loving care. I especially love the yellow Walking Stick Iris imprinted with a lovely face... rather uniquely fashioned. Love also your red Bleeding Heart. Is the magenta coloured flowers also a species of Angelonias? I've never come across them in the nurseries I visit/

    1. Yes - thanks for the encouragement.
      The magenta ones are also angelonias.
      Quite common ones - I guess it comes in batches and might had sold off ones they arrive.

  5. Ohh James as has the garden, I love especially the Iris, is rarely seen in the garden of Spain.
    I congratulate.

    1. Thanks Antonio.
      This iris is the tropical type.

  6. amazing Iris james have never seen this species.All the other blooms are very clearly photographed and presented Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post


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