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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cactus Corner - Part 2


  1. I think that's the crassula that I have as well. Yup it's leggy when not put under the sun.

    I like those 'hairy' cacti. They look really 'old' he he...

  2. Stephanie - Yes, its the same plant in your garden (Crassula) I have set it on a bowl 3 years ago for Christmas deco. That time, all the crassula plant was short & nice.
    I didn't prune them yet ever since and this is how they look now.

    I bought the 4 cactus plantlets from Tesco on clearance sale - I think they where RM2.00 per pot during the last Chinese New Year.

  3. James, are you having a love affair with the cactus? You have so many. I only have one and it seem to be hibernating!

  4. Belle - love affair...hmmm
    Whether you believe it or not, my wife often mentions that these cactus are my girlfriends -
    they seemed to do fine and somehow haven't prick me yet (lol)


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