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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Orange Jasmine - Murraya Paniculata

Its been sometime my orange jasmine bloomed. I had not noticed this as usually when they bloom its about few flowers in a cluster that there is nothing to shout about. Strange enough, this heavy bloom did take my attention and somehow I manage to take few pictures of them.

The fragrance was flooding especially during the night, sort of gave that enchanted feeling whenever I pass by them. Wished I had them by my bedroom - but I doubt, I would consider sleeping with these as there were reports of their scent being poisonous or something.

Probably, somethings are best when enjoyed little to moderation & I believe this is one of them.

These flowers do not last more than a day as the petals fall out at dawn but new buds appear as soon as the old one collapses. Reminds me of those lovely lilies.


  1. I love Murraya Paniculata, the beautiful cluster of flowers and the fragrant. I placed mine near to the window and in the evening the fragrant would permeates into my living hall. It's smells so good! Great to see yours blooming, James.

  2. When I see your lovely murraya, I remember that I had just bought a murraya seedling from Ipoh recently. It is still lying in a corner waiting for me to transfer to a nice 'home' from the plastic bag. Wow, when I was travelling home, it made the car smell so good. I just love the fragrance.

  3. One of my favorite houseplants, though they're basically impossible to find where I live anymore. Something about a citrus quarantine in Florida (Murraya isn't a Citrus, but it's in the same family, so the quarantine still applies, or something.).

  4. Nice shots James! It's a lovely and pretty flower. I am sure the scent is superb as well. Smells like orange?

  5. I do love the fragrance of jasmine. I would love to have some by my bedroom window too!

  6. I thought those flowers looked like citrus blooms... I looked around on google and can't find anything about it being poisonous. Your blog pops up though.

  7. It does look like Citrus blossom :) I better that I love the smell of it!

  8. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments.

    Though its called orange jasmine, its doesn't smell anything close to a jasmine, rather The scent is very much smell like a frangipani.

    I read somewhere in a web where a woman takes lot of this flower cutting and arrange it in her living. Somehow later she found that she started to have migrane and triggered a serious ailment because of its scent.

    I can't really pinpoint and say where is the poison but its better to be safe than sorry. IF I do come across a good research piece concerning this plant, I would surely put it here for the reference.

  9. I could imagine the fragrance just by the title of this post! I think it's supposed to be good for the bedroom - from a "romantic" perspective. That's what a friend of my said anyway!

  10. Hi James! I bought an orange jasmine last year and it bloomed beautifully. You're right about the fragrance. It's delightful! I'm waiting for mine to bloom...loved seeing these images.

  11. Thanks Wendy & Kanak for your lovely comments.
    The flowers are slowly shedding their with petals and newer blooms are appearing.
    The whole part is little with these white carpet.

  12. I love your pictures of the orange jasmine...i have a plant in my garden which is covered with beautiful flowers when the monsoon sets in and the whole area is suffused with their heady fragrance. Hopefully they should bloom in about a month or so. enjoy your plant!

  13. James,
    Thank you for the pictures of Murraya Paniculata. I have grown four of these plants from seeds coming from a flowering Murraya. The plants are one year old and about thirty-inch tall and slender and have not been flowering yet. Could you tell me how long would it to flower. I love these plants and and the fragrance is unparallel to any flowers that I know of including jasmine. My email is mrouf@siue.edu. I will look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
    Mohammad Rouf

  14. Rouf - I think you may have to wait for another few years, you can speed up the process by pruning and feeding - that way the plant may shoot-up new shoots and age faster.
    Another thing - this one needs good sunlight to bloom, so if you have kept it in a shade, it might really take a longer time for them to bloom.
    Hope this helps.

  15. Does anyone know where i can buy an orange jasmine seedling?

  16. Sorry for bringing up this old post, can we use this plant as a screening hedge? I live in Kota Bharu. If not, could you suggest a few types of plants, with grow height of 6ft (max) that can be used as hedges. Flowering types would be a bonus. Fast growing too if possible.


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