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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drawf Ruellia - Ruellia brittoniana

It was a shocking news to me as I find that the office mate who gave me this plant consider this one as a weed and she often weed this one out from her garden. She says that this one pops everywhere in her garden - I guess it must be the "pop-explode" type of seedpod that is the culprit.

Strangely none of my flowers turn into a seedpod - I guess it must be the lack of pollinators. What I enjoy about this plant is that it gives the blue (actually its more of the light violet) which my garden really need. The flowers last a day - very much like the morning glory flower. I have not paid attention during the evening - whether they remain in full bloom or are in a fading stage.

Regardless, this Mexican Petunia is one joyful flower to keep when the rest of other flowers goes dormant. Another interesting feature about this plant is that the leaf veils pop out. Probably I might switch this one into a dominant plant in hanging basket to give that glorious blue in my garden.


1) I had propagated this one but cutting the plant into half, they tend to go leggy after awhile.
(You can do this if they don't produce seeds) When they mature the whole plant dies - so do take care to divide & propagate them if you want to keep the parent plant.

2) Its been said that this one is very hardy - able to stand very hot & cold climatic condition & able to stand neglect as they are draught tolerant & free from pest attacks.


  1. Looks like it is a nice plant to have in my garden too :-D Love the blue and trumpet flower. I am amaze that the plant can be propagated using cuttings and grows like weed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. James: This flower is very popular in Florida. It is very beautiful. I saw one of my neighbours grow several in her front yard, and it quickly filled her WHOLE front yard. So be careful if you ever decided to put them in the ground, they might take more garden space than you want them to.

    Also, thanks for trying my new blog background again. It is really strange, because everybody else (at least the ones left comments) seems see my background normal, and I did not hear any other reporting the same issue. Do let me know if you ever try again. Hate to lose you as my reader :)

  3. I love ruellias and have a clump in my garden. But it is not the self-seeding kind. Mine is now a few years old, and I've never found a seedling. They are definitely tough, withstanding our brutal summers, occasional winter frosts, rainy season, and drought.

  4. Hi James,
    This is a species I've never heard of before. It looks lovely.

  5. Hi James, I've never had this plant survive more than one summer and perhaps now I know why. I've never had it set seed either. Lovely flowers.

  6. Hello James,

    We grow a lot of this plant where I live. It handles the dry heat of the desert as well as the freezing temperatures in winter. The flowers are beautiful, but it does tend to spread.

  7. James this is another plant that I can't grow outdoors and I've never seen it in any of our nurseries or garden centres though I am sure it could be sold via the internet or ebay. It looks like a lovely clump of blooms to have in the garden and I just love those leaves.

  8. Stephanie - Do have them in your garden, you will not have any regrets. There are other coloured varieties too.

    Ami - Thanks for the thought, my garden is very much container garden as my porch is fully cemented. Regardless, I don't mind having a good number of pots and I could relocated them over again when I desire to remodel the garden.

    Floridagirl - I totally agree with you.

    Thanks Barry, Grace, Noelle & Rosie for your lovely comment.

  9. Hi James,

    What a lovely plants you have, it this lavender flower is good smell?

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  10. Thanks Tanya for dropping by.
    No - this flower do not have any fragrance.
    Thanks also for the lovely quote.


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