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Monday, August 10, 2009

Opps.. I did it again

Opps. I did it again.

I cannot help myself when some plants are cut and thrown, especially when it comes to the ones which I'm looking high and low. Buying them from garden centres are expensive and to get them from other gardener friends are difficult as they may have none or too few to share with me. (as their plant in survival mode stage)

The ones I collected:

a) Aluminium Plant
b) Orange Jasmine root trunk
b) False Philodendron - slow growers and not a hardy type.
d) Blood lily bulb (my closest guess)
e) Marble Queen - a pothos variegated plant (highly coveted plant)
f) A rooted branch (maybe a Bougainvillea or Hibiscus - hoping a flowering plant)
g) Lucky Bamboo - with white strips variegated type.
h) A lovely Begonia plant - but in a dying stage.
g) A stalk of white Dumbcane (more cream coloured centre with green border at the leaf)

I got all these as I was going to fetch my wife from work, my wife looked at me with dismay as I getting too obsessive with plants.. I just have to bite the bullet and have a brick walled face to whatever comments I'm going to get. Well, I was surprised that I didn't get any negative comment.

I have collected enough to give to some to my office friends who also love gardening, especially the marble queen and aluminium plant. Just planted them this weekend, hope they manage to survive after the shock they may have gone thru (not sure how many days they were cut and thrown and left to die out there)

Not expecting all to survive, but if they manage to live and grow, it would certainly be wonderful.

I have kept aside the blood lily bulbs aside as I want it go dormant and may plant it later or pass it to friends or family. They look very ugly in these pictures too. Hopefully when they start growing, they show up their beauty and appreciation instead of dying....

After planting all these together with bleeding hearts and jasmine - my garden really need another re-arranging as they all are too crowded and messy. It all depends who survives as I do not want to place dead plants in the lime light. Its quite a challenge to put all these plant is already a small little garden.

So far, the Taiwanese bamboo are doing fine together with the wormwood plant. I finally got the nice partner for it. They look so beautiful together. I will post the pictures later once I get all of them growing well.

Planted the Marble Queen, False Philodendron and Aluminium Plant in these two pots.


  1. i am quite illiterate about plant names so every time i see pictures of some familiar plants in your post, i wish you would have put the name either below their pics respectively or there was some other way i could find out which plant is called what from your posts..

    but you club the pics and then put up the names clubbed again :(

    so thought of requesting if you could do something differently to be of help to souls like me?

    Coriander update: I have got some more shoots in that pot, they are green and growing in length but still two leaves per shoot.. thank you so much. I have done the same with tomato seeds - will that work fine?

  2. I'm sorry to note about the names, would like to know which ones you wanted to know?

    I will revise the posting with their names, do let me know which other postings which you would like me to name them, or if you can place your comment like this in those which you are seeking - it would be easier for us for reference.

    Are they from this posting?

    The first one in the bucket:
    a) The tall one is known as zigzag plant.
    b) The white tainted leaf is known as marble queen.

    The 3rd pic where the plant is lined up is known as false philodendron

    Next with the bulb (onion type) is a lily which I have not identified yet.

    I have made the label names of the plants on the righthand side corner. I thought that will be an easier reference.

    Glad that the tip on seed germination helps. Yes, in most cases it works that way for most seeds.

  3. Hi James, you are just as bad as me :) Whenever I pruned my plants, I just can;t bear to throw them away, so I plant them in polybags to give away. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.


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