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Monday, August 17, 2009

Nature Walk

I wanted to collect some nice coloured plants and thought of doing some rescuing from the abandon areas. This is one of the areas near my office. Sometimes I notice new plants emerged and some older ones gone (either matured and died or taken by others)

Its a sad thing, that abandon areas are often riddled with garbage. People don't seemed to be responsible about their waste management, just throw wherever they please.

This is the flower of the Goosefoot plant. (Syngonium podophyllum) This one got wild and was trailing of a tree trunk. Someone pulled it out from the mango tree while harvesting its fruit. I was not sure whether to take it or not as its so common here and often grow wild.
Nevertheless, it has a beautiful flower to offer, similar to Dumbcane, Allocasia and Peace lily.

I manage to find the Ixora plant again this time and it look very beautiful. I took few cuttings and passed it to my friends and planted a few in a nice small pot. It has a elegant small firm leaves.

Truly beautiful to look at.

I continue my walk and found these plants on the planter box. This is a bougainvillea.
I love these flower but they are a bit challenging when coming to propagation. I have tried many times taking cuttings and planting them in pots but all of them with failed results. I ended up buying one variegated type which I currently have and happy with that.

As you can see, all of it are overgrown and left to die, it would have been beautiful if these plants are pruned, I guess the original shape was more of a border boxed type. The 2 Agave plant have grown huge. I wished there was few plantlets but I have found none.
I wonder whether if you can take a leaf cutting and plant it for the plantlets to come, like the Mother in law tongue plant or Hanni.

This one is known as Joyweed. (Alternanthera dentata 'Purple Knight') It doesn't have any border colours or any variegated colours on it. Just plain burgundy with a slight green at the crown. I have seen another type which is the variegated one, may do a write-up on it after some observation.

My favourite collection so far. Infact I had collected this twice (Thurs & Friday) as most of my office mates are so excited with them and I have given most of my collection to them.

These are Black Nightshade fruit (Solanum Nigrum) also known as Sunberry or Wondercherry is a species in the Solanum genus.
I know this one as a vegetable as I had seen it sold in wet market. (but have not eaten them)
I had taken the berries for planting in case the cuttings didn't survive. I had this plant growing very long time ago from one of the pots and often admire those blackberries - so much like miniature tomatoes.

These are the cuttings which I had collected - all sorted and waiting to be planted for the weekend.

I didn't realise that there was a heavy "weed seeds" hooked all over my pants, I manage to take out most of them. Well, I guess its part & parcel of gardening. Receive everything and give everything for the benefit of plants and people.


  1. I love Ixora and Bougainvillae. I have both. They are quite easy to maintain. And beautiful. My Agave died after it bloomed. I wonder if it is supposed to be that way ... You seemed to know a lot about plants. Thanks for your info on my water plants.

  2. Thanks Precious for visiting my blog. I just know mostly thru experience and reading from other bloggers and websites.


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