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Monday, August 10, 2009

Grand Duke of Tuscany Jasmine - Jasminum sambac

Unlike the common jasmine plant where the flower is one layer, this one have multi-layered like a rose. I was not the fan of jasmine (Didn't like the way the plant, too bushy and all leaves with few flowers) I changed my mind when I saw this type of jasmine, it look exactly like a rose.

I bought this plant about RM10. Didn't mind that as it was rare to get this type around. After sometime this jasmine got settled and gave few new shoots with buds. I was keeping watch of the bud development as you can see here from a tiny shoot to full bloom flower.

OK, for the technical part:
1) Known as the Grand Duke of Tuscany (variety) - I know, its quite long, I wish I can get another shorter name for identification.

2) It has exactly all the characteristics of a common jasmine, only thing is the flower is grander and the fragrance stronger. This flower blooms at night. I was shocked to noticed it one night about 11pm when my garden was strongly scented by this flower. The fragrance was still around towards the morning but not as strong as during the night time.

3) Other than that, its an easy plant to take care - not the fussy type of plant.


  1. Thanks Tara, I got another 2 more buds to enjoy (hehehe)

  2. I bought this as a young plant for a month now. It does not seem to grow at all, no new shot and new leaves. I give it full sun and water when the soil is dry.
    Any one know why it is not growing?

    1. Make sure you have it in full sun. They don't grow much during the winter. I have mine in a large pot with perlite soil. Don't let it get too dry but don't give it wet feet either. It took more than a year for mine to really take off. At first all of the growth will happen underground (roots). Once they're established you'll get more plant.

  3. 1) First try using organic fertiliser.

    Watch for a week to see any development.
    You will notice new shoots sprouting out if the fertiliser is effective.
    - From the new shoots, there is a flower bud at the tips of the shoots.

    2) If it still didn't give out any shoots after you applying fertiliser.
    a) Trim and prune (the dry twigs, leggy branches)
    b) It may help if you repot the plant using a better soil composition.
    - I often change the soil of the plant after buying them as I note that its not suitable for the enviorment I'm staying.

    Do let me know if this information helps.

  4. Thanks for your advice. I shall try using the fertiliser and trim it but not sure what is the better soil composition.
    The leaves on the old twigs are drying out despite my misting it. The green shoots are still not growing.
    I did repot it in using standard plant soil after receiving it. It is sharing a big pot with the Maid of Orleans which is blooming very well. I guess the two plants have the same requirements.

  5. Ok,one thing I was not clear - you mean both plants where sharing one pot and then you repotted them separately?

    How long did ago did you repot them?

    IF that is the case, then the plant may need to rejuvenate and that may take a month or so.
    (as the fine roots may be damaged)
    As long as you find them still green after repotting about 2 weeks - your plant had survived the intial 1st phase.

    Now, its more of the plant to get accustom to the new enviorment & new potting. Give another 1 month and see. There should be some development.

    This jasmine need sunlight to grow & bloom. Do let me know where is your climate (tropical, cold climate, etc) and your weather condition.

  6. Hi,
    I just chanced upon ur site. Have been looking forward to growing this variety in Singapore. Do you know where I could buy this here (never seen it in the nurseries).
    Thanks a lot.

  7. hi Amita, Where is here are you refering from? Won't know where to get in Singapore.

  8. Hi James,

    Can you please tell me where I can buy this plant in KL( j.sambac) and also any nursery that stocks rare sweet smelling flowers like some of the more exotic jasmines like chinese jasmine, climbing lang lang , thanks

  9. The best place to get most of the rare sweet fragrance plants are in Sg.Buloh nursery area. They are so many nurseries in a stretch that continues all the way to the hospital.

  10. Hi James, went there, got some plants like honeysucker but no j.sambac

  11. Sorry to note that, maybe if you are interested, I can pass you a cutting from my plant. You can try from there?
    Do e-mail me if interested.

  12. Hi James, That is very kind of you. I will keep trying, if I can't find, will e-mail you. Thanks again

  13. Most welcome. Happy Hunting - do let me know if you manage to get it. By the way, it would be great if you can introduce yourself as I have few Anonymous commentors and wondering who is who.

  14. ok. My name is Senthil- re j.sambac , is the flower the size of a small rose, what we call aduku mali?

  15. Yes, its a size of a small rose and known as aduku malige - but there is two types.
    One is double ring petal and a rose type.
    This one is rose type.

  16. I have same variety of plant like this, here in philippines we call it sampaguita! Ive been taking care of it for more than a year now! It is usually have 3-4 layer but my plant has a lot more layers now. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=4475&id=100000620113836&l=faa9707a60

    Michael Lastimoso, Tacurong, Philippines

  17. Hello, can I grow GD in Maryland outdoor? or it has to be indoor any advices or details is greatly appreciated.

  18. Hi,
    Im not sure how is Maryland. If you got a good sunshine, frost free then the plant does great in outdoor. It requires an ample of sunshine for it to flower - they don't flower in shaded/indoor area. Hope this helps.

  19. hi i have been looking to buy the above plant (sambac-jasminum) grand duke of tuscany, but it is not available here in Toronto, Canada, can you please write back to me and tell me where I can find this plant. I would be much obliged. My email add is govindjizahra@yahoo.com or marimzah@gmail.com

    1. toptropicals.com or alohatropicals.com

  20. Im sorry Zahra, I have no clue about the sale of this plant in your region.

  21. Hello, my name is Gina from Tennessee. I have had a Grand Duke of Tuscany for over a month now and it too isn't growing. I haven't even got a new leaf because they dry up. I mist it, but to no avail. I would really love it to have mine grow as yours did! You have a very beautiful plant! I love the pictures of it, just gorgeous! Could you please tell me what to do to help it grow? I can't wait to see it bloom! Thankyou.

  22. Hi Gina,
    First thing first - Identify why are they drying up. Either you have placed the plant is facing climate crisis or the plant is having water problems.
    Are your plant indoor or outdoor - I guess its winter in your place right now?
    Jasmine is a tropical plant - it really need good sunlight for it to thrive. It is not a shaded plant. They may survive in a shaded area but may not bloom.
    Check the soil - whether its too soggy or extremely dry. Both condition may cause the leaves to fall.
    Email me your plant picture & I may able to identify the problem that you might be facing.
    Good luck.

  23. Hi there, I am very pleased that I recently got a Jasmine Tuscany.
    I have some observations and comments:
    1) The plant gets canes at times.
    2) I think there are some varieties within the J.T. itself: a) dark & light green leaves, b)leaf tip may or may not be pointed, c) not necessarily 3-leaves together.
    3) It is definitely a slow grower.
    4) Flowers don't stay long- turn yellow and then pink in a day or two.
    5) Does it also grow with stem cuttings?
    6) Does it flower all year round or during specific months/seasons?
    7) There is a plant called 'Murraya exotica'(small white flowers) with similar smell..Any comments whether to get that as well? :-)

  24. Hi Neel,

    Thanks for dropping by & your comments.
    1) The canes - the branches shoots out first and flowers at the tip. Once it finish flowers - new shoots my appear from the next node.

    2) Not sure about the varieties - so far I had only come across one type in my region.

    3) You can boost growth by pruning and feeding

    4) Flowers can stay at least for 3 days in good condition. The bud formation might take longer (a week) Once full bloomed - it will deteriorate within few days.
    In my case - the flower still remained but turned green and the petals fell off.

    5) Yes

    6)Flower all year around

    7) I have murraya paniculata - M.exotica is quite rare and its really a hunt to get one in my place. Do check: Orange Jasmine on my label.

  25. Great choice. Grand duke and pink jasmine are my two favorites.

  26. I am looking for a vine that has the fragrance of gardenia and NOT the smell of Star Jasmine.
    Does Grand Duke fit that?
    When you say requires sun, is it ok that the base of the plant will mainly be in the shade (on the north side of a fence) but the vines will trellis onto an arbor and get sun that way?
    Becky from California

    1. Hi Becky,
      Grand Duke is very much have a jasmine fragrance and not a vine or has a gardenia fragrance.
      But its ok to place the base plant in a shade and trail it to get a full sun.
      Grand Duke puts out spikes but they are no way a vine or a climber.

  27. Hi James,
    Thanks for your reply.
    1)May I request you to please write a blog on Murraya exotica/paniculata.
    If you know Hindi..it's also know as 'Kamini' and known to attract snakes in villages and farmlands..hence not most of people get it. My family didn't allow me to get it because of that reason.
    2) My JT is growing..the canes look dry but I was surprised that they are giving out new green shoots..interesting!
    3) There are conflicting views that JT has less fragrance as compared to other less-petaled and commonly known Jasmines..is it true?
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi Neel,

      Nice to hear from you again.
      I had already written about Murraya paniculata.
      Please click below for more details:
      a) http://jamesmissier.blogspot.com/search/label/Orange%20Jasmine

      b) http://jamesmissier.blogspot.com/2009/08/orange-jasmine-murraya-paniculata.html

      3) Personally I would say that it goes to the individual. You see in comparison - JT often gives out 2 - 3 blooms per plant, compared to the normal jasmine which gives out easily 10 - 15 flowers per session. And the blooms may be continuous.
      So - overall the quantity can overtake that one singular flower but in comparison - if you would compare one JT and one Jasmine - you would find that JT can handle the extra mile.

  28. Hi James,

    I'm Jessica I have two questions about
    Jasminum sambac Grand Duke Of Tuscan.

    1) What is the best soil for it?
    2) What kind of fertilize does it need?

    1. Hi Jessica - thanks for dropping by.

      1)A good soil mix - (similar to roses)
      A soil that is have a good drainage if planted in a pot.

      2)My recommendation is always organic type.
      Sheep/goat manure.

      Hope this helps.

  29. Dear Sir,

    Can you please let me know the address of the nursery/place where you bought this Grand Duke jasmine plant? Do you have the contact number of the nursery? If not, it would help if you could give me the directions with apparent landmarks reaching that place.

    I would love to have them in a temple here in Ipoh, so would you help to furnish the said details.

    May God bless you.

    (Flowers enthusiast from Ipoh)

    1. I got this plant over the years and I doubt the nursery sell the same plant. In most cases - when the plant sold off they might restock it months later.
      I'm sorry but you may have to do some hunting in few nurseries for this.

      If you are really interested I can pass you a cutting.
      Let me know if you are interested.

    2. James, I believe the site that carries Jasmine varities where I ordered mine is Top Tropicals. It was thru Amazon.

  30. Hi, I'm Rae in Northern Calif. Thrilled to find this blog on the Grand Duke Jasmine and it's cousins. I have an emotional attachment to this plant as I wore the flowers in my hair as a teenager on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Tried for years to locate one. Then lived in the Philippines where it is the nat'l flower and fell in love again. Now growing two 8"ers in pots that I just found on Amazon!!!!! Thrilled. I watch them like sm. children and hoping for their first bloom. One arrived with the plant and fell off. Pls. repost about fertilizer. Would love to see photos of other plants if it's possible to post them here.

    1. Im glad that you have such strong connection with this Jasmine.
      Fertilising this plant is important - without it, the flowers won't bloom.
      You need to use only organic fertilisers - goat manure is the best, second is coffee extract.
      If you do get yourself compost earth - do add them too.

  31. Hi James,
    This blog is really amazing. I can find and learn so much of plants that i can use for garden landscape projects.
    Superb! This will take me awhile sticking to your blog to learn all these gardening stuff from you as i am just beginner.

    1. I'm glad you like my blog & gardening Gordon.
      Feel free to ask any questions which you would like to know.
      Will try my best to help.

  32. I live in Sarasota, Fl. I have the Jasmine Tuscany.
    The plant looks great and has bloomed in the summer.
    Question is when is the best time to prune in this location and will this help to get more
    blooms for next season?

    1. The best time to prune is early spring or summer.
      Best is to see if the plant is leggy and had sprouted too many branches without any blooms.
      Trim it in such a way that there are few branches and the remaining pruned ones can be propagated into new plants.
      New shoots will appear with flower spike once it is trimmed.

  33. James, can I get some cutting from you?

  34. Hi James, I'm from Australia. Weather is warm now, plant is moist but leaves keep curling under...could you pls explain. Thanks

  35. Hello James,

    You got me hooked! :) I am on the hunt for this JD cultivar ( no not Jack Daniels, short for Jasminum Gand Duke of Tuscany ;-)), There is also another variant which is getting popular now the Grand Duke Tuscany Supreme (JDS).

    There are other interesting variants at this website:

    Do let me know if you come across any of them at our local nurseries. Thanks.


  36. Hi,
    I got the same plant a month ago. Initially it was healthy and gave flowers for three weeks. All of sudden I notice drying up from the bottom and loosing all the leaves. I don't understand the problem. Can you help me with finding solution and treatment?

  37. Hi,
    I got the same plant a month ago. Initially it was healthy and gave flowers for three weeks. All of sudden I notice drying up from the bottom and loosing all the leaves. I don't understand the problem. Can you help me with finding solution and treatment?

    1. Hi Khyati,
      do you still have the plant? I have a friend / acquaintance by your same name in Oregon. I wonder if you are the same Khyati Patel in Oregon? I live in the Portland area in Bethany and was wondering if you still have your plant? I would love to get a clipping and I have some exotic jasmines that I could share clippings with you as well. Please email me at rupalpai@gmail.com

      ~ Rupal

    2. If the leaves are falling apart, chances are it's having a root rot due to over water. I hope your plant is revived after the stress

  38. I have one in a big pot. Mulch it or get ground cover plant to protect the soil. I applied fert but doesnt seemed to work. So i trim off the top and spray leaf fert. It works! I have 6 to 8 buds. Just bloomed 4 this week. But it gets black if kena air hujan. How to protect? Its raining season again.

    1. You can't protect it. The flower don't last long in the rainy weather. Better trim the stalk n put it indoors in a vase or use as jasmine tea.

  39. HI, this is Allison from Oceanside CA.
    I just got a grand duke of tuscany that is about 3' tall.
    Its two stems that are tied to a poll, and has a flower. My question is there are no side shoots, so do I need to cut them way down to get a "bush" to grow in a pot on my patio?

    1. Let it grow first. Its a slow grower and so you need to use fertiliser and Epsom salt to ensure speedy growth

    2. thanks. How do you apply the epsom salt?

    3. 1/2 teaspoon of Epsom salt mixed with 2 liters of water. Water in the evening.
      You can spray over the whole plant and the root base.

  40. Hi, I am from Malaysia and I am unable to find this variety. Will it be possible for you to post me some branches i can try rooting with? Thanks


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