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Monday, August 17, 2009

Garden Centre - Foilage Collection (part 2)

These are the plants sold in the supermarket very near to my place. I often check out & see what new arrivals that had been sold here. Somehow I noticed that they seemed to be selling so good hardy plants with a good price and some rare interesting ones with an expensive price tag.
I have been eyeing for this one, it had red leaf borders, I thought it is a dumbcane but its actually a Aglaonema genes. It is selling for RM17.00 - for me its quite expensive for it (unless a few of us share the plant RM5.00 - would be reasonable)

Still in my thoughts - this red one.

Those below are the various dumbcane (Dieffenbachia) species, interesting but not so attractive to me. Currently I have 3 types of dumbcane species and I think it is good to just maintain just that (as these species are just of the same colour but have different pattern/shape on the leaves)

This one is interesting. At close inspection - I found that there is white spots on the leaves.

These devil ivy or pothos do not have yellow/white streaks on them. And the one below have a big leaf to be trailed on a potbound. Usually I see these trailing on treetrunks freely growing wild for this size.

An interesting miniature Ti plant.

I have not seen this one (top) I guess its a new cultivar.
These Painted Nettle (coleus) are sold for RM3 - considered a very good price. If one can propagate and make these many, it would be worth it to share among friends.

This one is known as (Spotted Dracaena) Dracaena surculosa. The more common green one is so much easier to propagate and grow. (just cut the branch and stick it in the soil) I had many of those and had got bored with it. Infact, they even root in water but I found that the more complex the variegation, the difficult for it to grow or propagate.

This is the lucky bamboo (the varigated type)

This one is known as a spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) I had this one before but it died due to wet soggy soil and lack of sun. I just got it again and may have to be a little more watchful (happens when plants taken for granted and they die)

It often found that this is one of the coveted plants, rarely have I found that this is been propagated or passed around as they are expensive.
My mum have this plant, I understand it must be an easy plant to take care but too much care (overwatering, feeding or soggy soil) may cause crown rot.
(took me sometime to google and find its name: ZZ plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

Also found that this is considered a beginner's plant as it can take a lot of neglect but a terrible slow growing plant.

I found this interesting mother in law tongue plant with flowers. (its rare to find them flower unless the soil had been in conditioned with fertiliser that makes them bloom)

These are some of the collection of cactus plants. Not so much favour these as often times they don't grow fast or may die for some strange reason. Somehow, they look cute with all the coloured fine gravel that been decorated at the base of the pots.

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