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Monday, August 17, 2009

Garden Centre - Floral (Part 1)

The best deal is these Moth Orchids, they are quite reasonable actually about RM17 or so (in fact most of the plants sold here are less than RM20 which is ok) I really admire these as they are doing so well. But I'm not going to advance myself in buying these orchids until I find those existing in my garden show some blooms.

But I guess some people just like the idea of having the plant with this lushful flowers and discard them when they are done. I think to wait for another bloom may take years and these flowers may take a lot of care & time that many city people seriously do not have that kind of patience, care or time to devote. (But then, it my closest guess)

Also Dendrobiums, Vandas and Reed Orchids are sold here.

I guess these are known as Tea Roses.
I had them before when my mum bought them and presented them as a gift for my birthday. But sadly they didn't last very long. The flowers slowly get burned or the buds shows the non-developed half blooms and slowly the leaves starts to show the shrivelled, wrinkled form (kind of root virus)
It was a sad slow end for these roses.

Gerbera Daisy also known as African Daisy.
I'm very sure this is no easy plant. Many times I had seen some gardeners purchase this plant only to find that this one die in few months. I'm guessing these are brought from Cameron Highlands and sold here. Beautiful but a short spanned just like the roses.

These miniature Crown of Thorn plant (Euphobia) This one is very cute. I had checked the thorns and found them not prickly. I'm not sure whether if this one develops and fully grown it will show its colours and its sharp fangs! But like most of these plants sold here, I can only guess.

Finally the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) Indoor potted plant with glossy green foliage. It will give out the white flowers as a bonus to break the monotone of green tones. Those who love glossy green leaved plants should cultivate this one.
I have seen this planted along flowerbeds along corridors - sadly they are not attractive to me.


  1. Hello James, tq for dropping by my blog. You have a good and informative blog here! Regarding your question on orchid, well I am still learning. But to get those blooms, fertilising is essential. If not, it would take a long time for the orchid to gain energy to produce the flower. I have yet seen the blooms of my two orchid plants that were given by my neighbour. Happy gardening orchid!

  2. Lovely orchids. I have some of those in my garden. Love them.

  3. Thanks Stephanie & Blossom - orchids seemed to be the most challenging and the most rewarding plant I come across.

  4. Hello James. Do you know the price per pot for that daisy and orchid? Those flower looks lovely.
    Sarah, PJ


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