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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Water Apples - Syzygium samarangense (part 2)

I had bought these fruits in wet market (pasar malam) near my place and they seemed to be more sweeter and juicier compared to these.

Of course these fruit looks very red but they are not sweet but tasteless. I had few times harvested them and washed and served them as salad, but somehow - I would prefer a mango or rambutan or mangosteen compared to this one.

Once I saw a few fruit bats flying and feasting on them in the night and that gave me reservation in eating these fruits as bats may just nibble and bite small tiny potions which may not be visible.
Somehow they really serve as decoration purpose as once I had placed all these fruits on a centre table with candles and white bougainvilleas.

The atmosphere is very romantic with this exotic touch. Its a pity I didn't manage to take those pictures of the table settings.

I often noticed that squirrels do feast on them but lately they seemed to be too few and been replaced with more agressive rats. Its a sad thing to note this happening and nothing can be done except trap these rats.
Somehow the squirrels make their comeback but its now lesser compared to before.

During the flowering season, the sunbirds make their appearance in the mornings. Its quite a commotion and Im always too late to capture them on camera before they flee.

Just after taking these pictures, it rained heavily in the evening and I guess a good measure of these fruits would have fallen & washed off along with the rainwater down towards the drain.

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