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Friday, June 19, 2009

R.I.P. May They Ressurect Again

I feel sad when a plant don't survive especially when I really put all my effort in making sure that they grow. These are my experiences that didn't go well in my gardening.

May They Ressurect Again
(if not today then maybe another day or I shall buy a new plant)

Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata)

There is this tree that is growing near an abandon housing area. (its soon going to go as they are starting demolishing all the empty vacated houses) I have been trying to revive this by cutting as many of these branches and placing with root hormone for it to grow.

But as many as I try - within few weeks - it shows signs of failure - dried falling leaves and the a dead twig. I wanted so much to grow this plant that I even collected the seeds - just waiting to sow them. Then a friend told me that a nursery is selling his plant for a good price. Finally I decided to buy a life plant sold to me for RM4. (considered it a good bargain, compared to all the effort I put in to get this plant to grow)

My Rex begonia (first in red) is barely surviving. I guess this begonia is in the stage where I can say goodbye and farewell to them. If it survives, I would consider it a miracle.

My very promising orange jasmine which died in stages. Later I had rearrange the whole thing.
This was very much became a temporary thing. (the same as the first one on the top)

Sadly today, I discovered my 3rd desert rose didn't survive. (the fat one) It got rotten from the inside which I didn't notice until today (which is too late) I'm not sure how it happened as I was very watchful with the watering. Well, I guess its another goodbye. I managed to salvage the top crown and the branches. If it survives, its another miracle.


  1. What a cute post. One we can all relate to for sure. I kill my begonias all the time. Sometimes it is just time to say goodbye-there's always another day in the garden:)

  2. Wow.. I didn't know you had the same experience with begonia. Thanks for sharing.


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