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Monday, June 1, 2009

Pigeon Orchid - Dendrobium crumenatum (part 2)

I was anticipating these flower buds to bloom.

Some facts concerning this orchid:

1) Scientific name: Dendrobium crumenatum

2) It may bloom after a long dry period followed by a sudden downpour of heavy rain. The rain must be heavy like about 2 hours or so. The flower buds will form within a week's time. The bloom takes place in the morning and will start to wither or dries up towards the evening.
So the best time to enjoy them is in the morning - hopefully some insects does the polination and so there will be some friut pods which may look interesting when there is no flowers.

3) The flowers bloom from the stalk, so its important not to trim them off as it reserve them for future blooms.

Blooming day - all the orchids bloomed.
I also noticed that many other pigeon orchids in the wild at the time.

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  1. so nice collection .very lovely garden wish to have one


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