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Monday, June 22, 2009

A night market called "Pasar Malam"

It begins about 6pm and the place gets crowded by the hour. It is famously known as pasar malam. This is where I love to buy the fruits. This time it was a mango season, as you can see there is various types of mangoes sold.

All of these mango's are from local orchard's so, there is no imports or exported (all for local consumption)
This type is called choklan mango, its has a sharp taste and stringy fiber. I don't enjoy this one.

If you noticed there is a slice of cut mango here, the vendor will give a slice of a mango for you to taste it, if you like it, you can buy it in KG measures.

The total green type is known as "lemak manis" translated as "sweet fat", the best part about this mango is that it taste sweet even when the mango is not ripe And very much tasty when it fully ripe.
This is my favourite mango - green, yellow and a little dash of pink. Its has a smooth inner texture, well balanced sweetness (no stingy taste) and the seed is thin. (you get more of the flesh) And its considered cheap RM5 for 2 KG - its about 6 pcs. of mango (which is a good deal)

I had bought this yellow mango, known as "waterlily".
It has a beautiful firm texture, I made a mistake by cutting this fruit too soon for consumption. I did ask the vendor whether this fruit was ready to be eaten and he said yes.
When at home, both of us (my wife and I) finished our dinner and lavishly decided to feast in this new found mango only to have a terrible sharp sour taste stinging in our mouth as we sink our teeth on the fruit.. (What to do?? Finish up the fruit loo...)
My wife had a "trauma" ever since whenever I mentioned about mangoes, she makes sure I taste the fruit first. (lol)
This one is water apples, much taster than the ones that grows near my house.
(onions and potato)
We often buy the vegetables here to keep us supplied for a week. Somehow its cheap and fresh.
By the time we were done, it takes about an hour and a half to do a full circle in getting our routine stuff and get ourselves back home with many fruits for the season and vegetables.

These lime known as "limau kasturi" - used to make lime with tea, very tasty.

These are sold in plate quantities, I think these are sold for 3 plate varieties for RM5 (can't remember now how much) Well, its an enjoyment as we look forward to go there everyweek to get fruits and all.
Its beginning of the durian season.. Hopefully I can get some nice pictures later.

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