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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mum's Garden - Love & Hate Relationships.

These are from my mum's garden. Not my favourite type of gardening where everything grows everywhere in anyway possible. I prefer a clean clear non messy garden look. Anyway, there is beauty in the midst of the mess and especially these are my favourites.

Bleeding Heart Vine.
Its so complicated that I'm not sure how my mum is going to pass this one to me, I love the flowers but I'm really not sure how this one is going to make it in my garden. And I'm no lover of messy and vines, this one is going to be a love hate relationship for me.

I did ask for a vine cutting for trying out but my problem is space, I really not sure where to put it. As is it now, my garden is overcrowded with ferns.. I'm trying to sell them as it would give me some cash for me to buy some nice pots. (Hoping it would work out)

Till then bleeding hearts.. I guess you have to continue bleeding until I settle my space for you.

This is all time favourite of my mum's fav. flowers - Golden Shower Orchids.
I can still remember them how this have been constantly desired for the bushier lushly flowers.
Somehow, I have started to let go for this high maintenance love.. its just too difficult for me..
Or rather another love hate feelings..

And another too.. Hydrangeas.
I would say this one is complicated.
It was almost dying that one day, I had uprooted the whole thing and placed in a bucket of water,
then like a miracle the withered leaves turned up fresh looking and graceful. Later I nursed it until it had broad beautiful leaves...
That's, it.. It only had beautiful leaves and never flowered.
I had passed it up to my mum and there it bloomed continuously. Again.. I guess this one loves sunny areas and I have none to spare for this one to flower.
Still, I love hydrangeas.. especially those blue turning maroon and last almost for months.
I even cut and kept them as dry flowers..
I guess it is considered as great memories of past.

Yellow ixora..
Finally I got a winner. My mum decided to clear her garden and passed this one to me.
I have yet to sort, prune and re pot this one. Hoping this one will make the best blooms.
Planning to sort it in few days time, hopefully I have time to do it.

Roses, I have the same feelings.. (want them but they don't want me)
I had many problems with roses, feeling a little confident now compared to my past experiences..
I guess the problem is lack of sun, without it - nothing blooms in my place.
And finally the wishbone flower.
Right now, I'm not sure where is it now. I'm sure one day, it will pop out somewhere in one of the unsuspecting pots, grow, bloom and die in few months.
I noticed this always happen during end of the year when it's raining always (almost everyday)
But one thing for sure, those blue buds are sure eye catching especially when they are just about to bloom.

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