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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maiden Hair Fern - Adiantum capillis-veneris (Part 2)

My mum had passed to me two of the larger leaf species type and so I have 4 pots right now.
(2 large and 2 smaller leaf types)

This plant is also known as Venus's Hair Fern. I thought the larger ones are known as Venus's Hair Fern and the smaller ones as Maidenhair Fern... but actually both are the same.

I'm sure many maidenhair fern gardeners will sought to have the variety of the leaf sizes for their garden collection. My mum is very much interested in adapting that idea, but for now she is clearing her overgrown garden.

Just like me - she is facing a dilemma, "Want not, throw not" I too face the same situation. Its always better to pass the plant to someone than to throw it away...
As for now, I need to clear few plants so that I'm able to maximise the space and the variety of plants. Still experimenting on rearranging and re potting...

Hope I can manage that soon.... before I loose my mood.
or have no time to handle the garden...

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