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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fragrant Pandan - Pandanus Amaryllifolius

Common names: Fragrant Pandan, Fragrant Screwpine, Pandan Leaf/Leaves, Daun Pandan (Malaysia/Indonesia)

Botanical Name: Pandanus amaryllifolius , Pandanus odorus

This plant needs a lot of water to thrive. I have observed they seemed to do well in swamp areas. I got this from my office friends who had collected a huge ammount from his garden. Apparently he mentions this plant is so invasive that he had to clear it time to time to control it. (You will know when he is clearing this plant - when the whole office smells pandan)

The first few I had (and died) years ago and I have given up the idea of planting this fragrant plant. This would have been my 3rd attempt in planting this plant. Finally this one survived.
Then I got a little more confident and planted a second pot. Both of them are doing well so far.

I wouldn't consider this as a herb rather it has more of an aromatic or spice plant.
I had used it for cooking with rice and gives a fairly appetising fragrant when the rice is slowly been cooked.

Also it is considered a very good cockroach repelent. Cut the leaf and place it in the cupboard, wardrobe, etc.. The fragrant repels this insect.

Any other comments on this plant uses is much appreciated.


  1. wow i didn't know it's a good cockroach repellent, thanks so much for the info!...i used to have one in the backyard but decided to clear the area & uprooted everything, guess i need to replant it again..(redz ^_^ of phils)

  2. Great for cakes and desserts. Would love to grow but can't seem to find them. Have to settle for the frozen ones at market.
    I love your blog! I'm happy to read about all your wonderful plants. I learn so much.


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