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Monday, June 15, 2009

Egyptian Star Cluster - Pentas lanceolata

I got this plant from my mum. In fact this plant is sharing with other plants in several pots.
Anyway, My mum gave me one pot of it for me to try it out. I was not sure what is the best way to manage this plant as it becomes very leggy and leaves dries up and stays on the plant.

After few attempts I had found the best way to present this plant:

1) Hanging this plant doesn't work as when it matures it grows upright and so doesn't give the hanging look. (I had trimmed and replanted all these plants and removed from the hanging position)

2) When the leaves dries, it doesn't fall off, instead it stays on the plant. It is the same for the matured flower heads. (Pruning and deadhead trimming is a must to keep the plant look attractive)

3) If lacking water, the flower start to wither and the leaves turns yellow (very unattractive).
So, water management is considered very important for this plant.

4) The best part of having this plant is that the flower stay bloom all day.

5) Propagating this plant is also easy. Just cut the stem by 2 nodes space, remove the lower leaves and poke in the soil. I had experiment this plant by placing just the tip of the plant on the soil and found that it started growing!

6) Also its important to trim off the flower head when replanting as the plant will use its energy to grow the roots instead of flowering. (applicable for most flowering plants)

This two plants are from my mum's house (below). She had passed me a branch of the red coloured one. As for now I have managed to propagate few pots of the pink coloured type.

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