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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Donkey's Tail - Sedum morganianum

Common name: Donkey's Tail, Burro's Tail, (Sedum morganianum)

I have been keeping this plant for years and it never seemed to grow fast. When I first bought this plant, I got it for 3 small cactus pots for RM10 - sort of like an offer price (3 for $10)


1) Donkey's Tail is a succulent type of plant. It needs like any succulent or cactus plant care.

2) The leaves are beads shaped and they are quite fragile as they can easily snap off from the branch when brushed or touched.
If the leaves spaced out from the branch - it means that its lacking sunlight. I think the best is direct / partial sunlight. They don't do well in shady areas.

2) The roots don't go so deep, in fact it remains at the surface. So take note that deep pot are not necessary for this one. The soil needs to be easy drainage soil as the plant dies in soggy or (muddy) wet soil.

3) Watering - water the plant after the soil had totally dried out. Its best to water once a week.
Lack of water makes the leaves "beads" to shrivel.

4) Propagation: Trim (about 4 inch) the stem and remove 2-3 nodes (leaves section) and let it dry out for few days before planting them. Placing them too soon after cutting on the soil may cause the shoot to rot.
The leaves may start to root and will also produce young shoots but this takes very long and only survive under suitable conditions.

5) Sometimes these tips appear to be right but the plant still dies. (Happen to me before)
The best way to identify the problem is do some trial and error. I found that adding another plant together with the donkey's tail helps the plant to survive and grow well actually. Its important to note that introducing another plant with donkey's tail needed constant check as to identify that the plant don't kill the host plant. (see below for details)

I have added another plant - (Tradescantia) to regulate the water in the soil as it helps the donkey tail plant to thrive. Eventually the donkey tail have a support to grow together with this plant and had created a symbiosis.


  1. Hi,

    I've recently started growing a donkey's tail and have been having some problems. I was wondering if you had any advice? I've been having problems with the shriveled beads but the soil is moist and it gets great sun. Any thoughts?


    Rachel, Idaho

  2. Thank you for the information! It answered all of the questions I had about my spindly and shriveling Burro's Tail!


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