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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mum's Garden

This is my mum's garden flowers. I guess this is one of her favourite blooms. (Rangoon Creeper)
It had came from her friend and had passed the plant to me. It had became invasive and I had passed back to her. I guess this flower submits to woman's hands.. (lol)

My mum's pride & joy...

My sis. came from Penang to have a family gathering together for mother's day.
It was a memorable day. We (mum, sis, bro, wife and my elder son) had a nice lunch, visited my other sister and her family, spend time in my place and children, visited a garden centre (mum & sis commented that the plants sold here are too expensive - so, I just got seeds & some fertilisers) had tea in my place and finally an evening with my mum's garden.
My mum use to narrate her story whenever there is a family gathering or among her friends:
That when she was carrying me in her womb, she spend all her time tending garden. And so had passed that tendency to me or so the very reason that Im very receptive to plants compared to my other siblings who didn't go thru that ordeal and therefore not zealous in plants.

This one is a fragrant flower. Have a nice pleasant aroma during night time.
Night Blooming Jasmine

Someone had passed this orchid plant to her (golden showers)
She told me that it was quite in a bad shape. She had nursed it until it bloomed.
Truly she has green fingers..

Her yellow ixora
white wishbone flower

Her overall garden..
My complain is why this has to be so untidy...

I guess thats how she likes it...
Again, each gardener has the right to choose how they would like to keep their garden..

She had passed me few of her plants (begonia, maiden hair fern - bigger version, roses and another few plant sharing on the same pot, and few pots of coleus) I find it hard to say no when she insist that I should take them.

But I guess, there is a lot of work to do in repotting and sorting these plants in my tight small little garden. I do not want to neglect any of my new plants - to take and keep them at optimum level. I hope I can keep up to the challenge...

If not..
My garden may just turned up to be just like my mum's garden...

Hope not..
then my wife will start complaining that its getting into a jungle again..(lol)


  1. Hi James,
    so glad to get a local visitor at my site - most visitors are far from here except some of my friends. I notice you are from Batu Cave - the place is a treasure cove of interesting plants , perhaps some of these days you can highlight them in your blog. Anyway, very glad you share the same hobby as your mom - all the best !

  2. Hey Thanks..
    Feel privilleged to hear from the experts..
    Yes, Im from Batu Caves.. its a everyday wonder to see a lot of wildlife and beautiful flora & fauna.
    Not so good in camera and everything moves too fast (faster than my hands can get to a capture the moment)
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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