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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother of Thousand - Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Also known as Devil's spine & Mexican Hat.
I guess there is many varieties to this plant.
I can't really remember how I got this plant.
But I do remember that this was one plant that is difficult to rid off.

I had placed them as hanging plants together with other succulents & cactus.

The one thing I admire is the rosy formation the plant makes together with all the little plantlets it produce. But till today, I haven't get to see them bloom.

This is my current ones.
Just 2 pots at the balcony with my cactus.
I love the gloss looking red splash on the leaves.

These are another picture I took near my office where I found this plant growing in a planter box. Its a sad thing to note that it goes to much abuse. If taken cared properly, it would have been a very beautiful array of mother of thousands.

I guess no one cares much about this invasive plant.
Whoever planted this would have thought..
"at least, its not grass or weed"


  1. Dear Mr James Missier
    My name is Javier,im living in the Philippines,the reason why im sending you this tis letter,is because im looking for the plant Kalanchoe daigremontiana,and searching in internet i found your blog,i have a friend who will visist Malaysia next week,and and im wondering if you can kindly can sell her some plants,she can be in your place on july 21&22,if if ok for you ,can you kindly give me your address?? i would appreciate very much,
    Thank you very much
    Javier Lecumberri

  2. Dear Javier,
    Sorry for the delay.
    Anyway e-mail me your details and I will send my address from there.
    Alternatively I can post to you the plantlets, they can survive at least a week or two thru postage.
    Email: jasmissier@yahoo.com.sg


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