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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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There is something very serene and stable when I come and spend time in my Garden. These are my quiet moments where I seek God - listening and finding myself in that reflection. There are times when I'm not able to blog, If you have any questions or queries Do seek me out in Facebook and I will try my best to help you out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memoria Emotionalism

Im feeling blue...
or in this case...green...
wished I had a drop of zeal...

And the songs of winds becons me..
rings of chime..
above, aloft, about, upright...

But now..
its windless...

And waited...
And wreaths of memory envelops me...

From the bossom of the horn,
flowed sparklets of rubies...
A glimmer of hope...
my blue is turning green...
Yet time is so slow...

And so slowly she crawled ,
when my world is ruthlessly fast,
like a fish...
from morning to night...
again in all days of my life...

Clutters of rose hugging by my shoulders
and arm full of comfort
that grace often taken for granted..

That raindrops share,
upon the petals of care,
and behold a dream in a dream
an unawaken mood of my blues...

A stone throw...
glazed robes of royal and bright..
a friend with a helping hand..
to lift up upon a moss..

And Mountains peak a pair...
around the shrouded pearls..
upon a Man and his Woman..
standing side by side....

Extended a welcome...
a brace of outburst..
outpouring upfront...
entwined two into one..

From the North to the South,
To the East and the West,
From the Top to the bottom
and his sides and hers...

As there was seen against all odds,
entwined with barbs..
yet grace prevails..
raindows and dews behold..

There was three,
Love, Joy and Peace...
By the shore, maidens washed her hair,
and her mother stand guard her daughters...
by the valley lay thick inside the woods..
where hidden tigers found sleeping peacefully...
And then awaken these beast,
with piercing eyes..
of flames of red,
sparking in the dense forest...

The maidens frightened,
but flee away when mother protects
but behold a charming prince appeared
with blazing armor at the edge of the woods...
Then a charming fairy appeared
her gown flow freely innocent
that grace of green and white..
and my blue turned evergreen..
The tigers was assured their sleep
The maiden married the prince
her mother and his nation rejoiced
what the fairy accomplished
upon my evergreen day...

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